Press Releases

When You Pop, You Can’t Stop: Monthly Fetish Covers Looning

(Tampa, FL) January 23, 2018 - Balloons and inflatables are a growing fetish. The people who partake in them are called Looners. From inflating balloons to toying, playing, and squishing, to inflatable sex dolls and inflatable suits, the wide world of looning is very exciting and a fetish many people

Grand Slam Media’s Next Big Step: Next-Level OpenRTB!

(Toronto, ON) January 22, 2018 - Grand Slam Media, a global company that has been focusing on mobile and web traffic monetization for over a decade, has announced their upgrade to "OpenRTB 2.5." compatibility. Introducing this improvement for its real-time bidding spectrum can add immensely to their latest stream of

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