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When To Hire An Outside Company To Help Your In-house Team

A photo of Luke Luke Hazlewood, CEO, Grand Slam Media (part of TrafficPartner) 

In the journey of every successful company there are opportunities that present themselves and decisions that need to be made. A new revenue stream presents itself and their eyes light up. Hold on, though, this stream is outside of your core business and will require time, resources, and development. Do you take on this new project? Or do you put your head down and continue doing what you’re the best at, what has proven to be successful and profitable?

It’s a tough choice. On one hand, you want to continue growing your business and always reaching for more. But on the other, you’re taking on a risk that could distract you from your core business. The severity of that risk is why you should not be afraid of, but rather should embrace, an outside firm to supplement the skill set of your in-house team, especially if the opportunity is an arms-length away from your core business, complimenting rather than contrasting it.

An outside firm, easily found on the web or even better at events like the TES Affiliate Conference, will mitigate the stress of dedicating valuable time and development to a secondary revenue stream. But you have to depend on them to deliver results with autonomy. They’re specialists after all. As long as you can verify the results on a regular basis you should trust in their experience and expertise. It takes a load off your plate because any new revenue stream is going to require multiple touchpoints to get off the ground and flowing. With an outside firm, you manage one relationship and let them handle the rest. Couple that with large, yet attainable, performance-based goals and you have a firm motivated to reach audacious numbers on your behalf.

Always start with shooting a bullet – choose a small test or sub-set of the larger picture, conduct the test, review the results and then when satisfied, shoot a cannonball for much larger results and impact. Always have verification mechanisms in place so you can be sure of the expected results. Once a run-rate has been established, have them create a forecast so the business can develop expectations of results from the relationship. Again, track this – more frequently in the early going- then monthly moving forward. Always verify.

This new relationship, like all relationships, is built on trust and delivering on expectations. For that matter, you should always choose one firm for a new revenue stream. Choosing more than one firm will dilute their efforts as you are introducing competition into the equation. The only objective should be to meet & exceed your results; having more than one player may damage long-term expectations as competition affects the market dynamics by having too much supply or access to the open market.

A revenue-share model is a great way to have both parties aligned on the same goals. Everyone wins and all cards are on the table – transparency is key in building trust and trust is always a part of great business relationships. Fixed rates kill the upside and block transparency to the data and results.

On the inside, you stay high level and always down look with a birds’ eye view. Stay focused on the results and not the “how”, that’s the outside firm’s responsibility. The worst thing you could do is lose faith in their autonomy and dive into ground level tasks with them. That creates a duplication of effort and takes you away from your own specialties.

Outside firms provide a myriad of skills and, as long as any additional revenue streams don’t veer too far away from your company principles, they can be utilized to great success.


TrafficPartner And The Adult Content Renaissance

The European Summit and Traffic Partner logos.(Europe) June 2, 2018 – In a recent release, has posited that sex, indeed porn, is on the path to becoming mainstream:

If you’ll look at Instagram, you may find a lot of people sharing sexually fueled content.

Hashtags such as #booty, #feetporn or #lewd (just to name a few) are commonly used and simply show the major craving by people for “erotica”.

Heck, even pornography.

Giants like Facebook remain in a rather strict place however and oppose such areas to keep their good footing with advertisers or state organs (see Twitch restricting clothing choices to ensure less provocative imagery, Youtube’s ad-pocalypse aftermath ultimately censoring its content creators or Instagram limiting access for adult themed hashtags).

Yet, there’s a nearly unlimited drive to more freedom, as adult space and mainstream intertwine increasingly on a daily basis. This is good for your business and the best that can happen to the adult entertainment branche.

We’re still far off in terms of industry revenue compared to other entertainment forms (e.g. gaming industry) and even further away from being truly accepted by the mainstream (media), even though articles, boasting the new go-to term “sex worker”, pop up here and there showing mild progress at most.

Nonetheless we can enjoy cam and amateur porn models hosting gaming-focused livestreams on Twitch or see them continuously produce videos on Youtube. They’re basically pioneers openly embracing mainstream media and ultimately creating a growing audience, which will become more and more accustomed to content creators with an adult background.
How far could this go? Well, do you witness the effects of marijuana’s legalization? It’s pretty telling, don’t you think?

Considering the boom behind the legalization of weed in a controlled fashion, one can surely imagine what could happen if adult entertainment won’t be treated like some kind of “hush topic” any longer – which everyone enjoys secretly anyhow, just like they did with a little weed.

Well, for the majority people are already openly communicating their sexy lifestyle. There are millions of folks producing or publishing their own content., with over 9 million registered users, literally shows how valuable (and profitable!) sexuality is for everyone. From content creators, to its member base or the affiliates.

If you visit the TES Affiliate Conference in Prague from 14-17 September 2018, you can easily see how much drive is already existing today, with big brands standing right next to content creators – both elevating each other.

The mainstream masses are feeling the vibe, TrafficPartner can tell, having so many successful adult and dating focused brands, services and companies under its umbrella. So, it may be time to get on board now, seeing that adult entertainment is in everybody’s daily life and latches onto new channels by the minute.

You can meet TrafficPartner at TES booth H4.

### Uncovers the Hardcore Fascination with Deepfake Porn

Harriet Sugarcookie Polls Fans to Find Out Why They’re Addicted to Face-Swapping Tech

Detail from full Sugarcookie infographic for Deepfake porn survey.(London, UK) March 8, 2018 – Popular adult entertainer Harriet Sugarcookie recently polled 1,400 porn fans about porn’s latest craze, deepfake technology, in a just-released post.

“Deepfakes use artificial intelligence to put someone else’s face into pretty much any 2D video. So far it’s mostly been used for making fake celebrity porn videos,” explains site founder Sugarcookie.

“Everyone’s been talking about deepfake porn since videos with the superimposed faces of Taylor Swift, Emma Watson and other A-listers started appearing on PornHub and Reddit.

“Despite a number of high-profile bans, deepfake technology isn’t going anywhere, so we decided to investigate and find out what people really think of it.”

Sugarcookie has also released an accompanying infographic, which reveals how strong the demand is for celebrity sex tapes – even if the ‘celebrities’ in question are fakes.

“Half of all girls and three quarters of men want to watch deepfake porn featuring their favourite celebrities. What’s more, 32% have already seen them,” adding that fans ranked Scarlett Johansson as their Number One deepfake celebrity – and only a paltry 5% of fans believe the hardcore simulation should be illegal.

Click Here To Read More and View FULL INFOGRAPHIC

How To Become a Cam Model in One Simple Infographic

Detail from How To Become a Cam Girl Infographic.It’s not easy to actually be a successful cam model, but taking the correct first steps into this potentially very lucrative home-career can certainly make the tread on that path all the easier.

Camming is the future of porn, as seen through industry trends and exponentially growing traffic numbers of websites.

Is making money through camming really that complicated? Well, one would think nothing is if you’re equipped with the right knowledge from the beginning.

If you are someone exploring this niche for making money online from the comfort of your home, then this clear, cleanly outlined infographic on how to become a cam model should surely help you.

Since it’s a lucrative trend, the competition is increasing by the day. Shouldn’t you enter the race prepared to win?

Click Here To View the Full Infographic!

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