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What’s a Blog For?

Graphical representation of the word "Blog".There’s many reasons to start a blog. But let’s start with the basics.

“Blog” is short for web-log, basically, and when they first came out they were essentially semi-automated managed content that made it easier for people to just write (and post photos) without worrying about the surrounding environment of the site (design, maintenance, etc.).

What were essentially web-diaries, however, soon became more intricately developed because, basically, all the platforms were open-source, and free.

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Things To Ask Of Your Traffic Vendors

Especially if you’re paying for it!Little Cars Traffic Vector Graphic.

Your new provider might send you a high volume of traffic, but is it quality or even real traffic? That is, will it click-through to your desired targets (sponsors, your own tour, etc.)? Find out if it’s verified, or if you can get more qualified (ie. likely to click-through and convert) at a lower volume…

What are the protections used or at least the sources for the traffic they will expose your ads to? Obviously, someone who is planning on sending bot, skimmed or misdirected traffic won’t come out and admit it. Find out also if they have a trial package so you can assess the traffic behaviour and metrics for yourself.

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Porn History 101: Rodney Moore Hits 25-Year Milestone in Adult

Rodney Moore's 25 Years in Adult(Chatsworth, CA) Veteran director and performer Rodney Moore has hit a huge milestone – he’s celebrating his 25th year in the adult industry.

“I shot my first scene December 22, 1991,” says Moore. “A couple responded to an ad I put in LA Xpress, and I shot them at a motel outside of Disneyland, of all places. I looked at the scene six months later and felt sorry for the poor schmuck who had to edit it. Fortunately, I got better at it.”

Moore has a rich history in the industry and made several genres very well known. While not the very first person to shoot POV style, he made it extremely popular, not limiting his POV shoots to just BJs, but penetration as well. Many current POV shooters have credited Moore for inspiring them. (more…)

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DIMOCO Unveils Top Five Trends in Carrier Billing for 2017

Industry carrier billing expert presents the trends and topics that will drive industry growth and adoption in 2017

DIMOCO Releases 2017 Trends Report(VIENNA) December 12, 2016 – DIMOCO, a leading payment institute for carrier billing, today announced the key trends slated to drive the carrier billing market in 2017.

Carrier billing offers content owners and merchants the ability to do business with consumers that do not own a credit or debit card by offering them a reliable and simplified payment mechanism. It uses the pre-existing, trusted billing relationship with mobile carriers that enables consumers to make purchases through the operator’s billing system.

DIMOCO enables almost 1 billion European subscribers to purchase goods and services from merchants and aggregators with their mobile phones. (more…)

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