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Oculus Quest – The Most Powerful Standalone VR Goggles for VR Porn?

A stylized simulation of a pair of Oculus Quest goggles glowing purple from their lenses.(Los Angeles, CA) October 2, 2018 – Time flies and it’s already been a year since Facebook’s last VR event. At the latest Oculus Connect 5, Mark Zuckerberg’s company has given us a whole lot of new interesting facts – yet one of them is by far much more important than the others. During the conference, which happened few days ago in San Jose, new virtual reality goggles from Oculus were officially announced. Known so far as the “Santa Cruz” project, the headset will go on sale in spring of 2019 under the name of the Oculus Quest.

First time we heard about the Oculus “Santa Cruz” VR goggles was almost two years ago, as a standalone device that did not need a computer or external motion sensors to operate, somewhat similar to the competition available on the market (like Lenovo Mirage Solo or Vive Focus), the single huge difference being the full tracking of the head and hands, in contrast to other models. This is thanks to an inside-out tracking system called “Oculus Insight”, which is based on cameras integrated in the front panel that record both the user’s movements and the Oculus Touch controllers held in his hands – and that is the part of this announcement that adult entertainment companies like VR Bangers find especially interesting. Just imagine the capabilities of such tracking system for adult entertainment VR!

As you may already know, being the key movers of the virtual reality industry, VR porn companies must make sure their VR porn experiences offer support to all the newest VR technologies, and this time it’s not going to be any different. As Oculus is one of the biggest VR headsets’ manufacturer in the world, their goggles are undoubtedly going to be the huge bestseller when they come out in spring of 2019; they’re in the headlights of VR porn content producers.

“Even though our list of supported VR goggles is already quite impressive, we plan on adding the Oculus Quest VR visor to our selection and we are already thinking about the capabilities of incredible Oculus Insight technology for our VR porn films,” said VR Bangers’ CEO, Daniel Abramovich. “We have just started working on providing the support for them and getting a pair for our exclusive tests, so by the time they will show up, our visitors and members will be able to use them to watch our immersive VR porn videos!”

The full specifications of Oculus Quest goggles are not known yet. It’s been said, however, the headset is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC and will be equipped with “top-class optics” (the same as in Oculus Go goggles), as well as a display with a resolution of 1600 × 1440 for each eye running at 72 fps. The device will also have a built-in audio system and will be sold in a set with Oculus Touch motion controllers and 64 GB of built-in memory – and all of that at a price of roughly $400.

Until then, the VR future remains to be… experienced.

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Ecosex Pioneers Annie Sprinkle & Beth Stephens Come to Los Angeles

Sprinkle and Stephens in a studio mockup shot in front of their pollination pod mini-trailer.(Los Angeles, CA) September 22, 2018 – For the past decade, adult film star and an acclaimed performance artist, Annie Sprinkle, and her partner, award winning filmmaker and UCSC art professor, Beth Stephens, have been pollinating the “ecosex movement” with their multi-media art projects and ecosex education. Today thousands of people around the world identify as ecosexual. Their main goals, they say are, “to make the environmental movement more sexy, fun and diverse, and to entice people to love to our Earth more, and humans are part of the Earth.”

Stephens and Sprinkle have made a new documentary film, which they directed together, Water Makes Us Wet—An Ecosexual Adventure. It will have its California premiere at the historic Ahrya Fine Arts Theater in Beverly Hills. They will be with some of their cast and crew, doing Q & A, giving out free swag, and schmoozing with the audience. Annie says, “Absolutely everyone is invited. If you love water, you will enjoy this film.” Beth explains, “Our film explores the pleasures, profits and politics of H2O while we are on an exciting road trip with our dog Butch.

If anyone doubts that a former porn star and a hillbilly from West Virginia can make an engaging, artistic film, they point out that their world premiere was at documenta 14, one of the biggest, best art shows in the world, and it got a great reception. These gals gone blue hope their film will make a big splash in California, where it was all shot. “We actually almost got killed making this film, but we managed to document the drama, and then water helped save us.”

On the film’s road trip, Annie and Beth interact with a diverse range of folks including performance artists, biologists, water treatment plant workers, scholars, family members, sex workers and others. The film climaxes in a shocking event that reaffirms the power of water, life and love. In one scene the artist couple officially added the “E” (for ecosexual,) to the GLBTQI-E moniker with a ribbon cutting ceremony in the San Francisco Pride parade.

What is ecosex? They explain, “Ecosex shifts the metaphor from Earth as mother, to Earth as lover, in order to help create a more reciprocal, sensual, empathetic relationship with the natural world.”

WHO will be in attendance at the premiere? Directors Beth Stephens & Annie Sprinkle, a producer and director of photography, Keith Wilson (Interior.Leather Bar and The Tree ), some of the cast, crew, and the music supervisor, David B. Steinberg (who composes music for RuPaul Show and Million Dollar Listing.) Plus a stellar audience; some porn stars, scholars, and a few Hollywood celebrities.

WHEN: Monday, September 24th. 7:30 P.M.

WHERE: Ahrya Fine Arts, 8556 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills. CA. 310-478-3836

TKTS: Available from the theater, $12 to $15.

VIEW THE TRAILER (2 minutes):

Facebook Event —
Twitter: #watermakesuswet

For more info, additional movie stills, or to arrange an interview with Annie Sprinkle & Beth Stephens, contact

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Is Cam Modeling, Sex Work Feminist? Stripchat Polls Performers To Mixed Results

Stripchat logo with inquiring sexy woman's face in red-tinged closeup.(Limassol, Cyprus) September 16, 2018 – Stripchat recently interviewed a group of its most popular webcam models and asked their thoughts about feminism and whether or not doing cam work – or adult entertainment in general – was considered feminist.

“This is a question that women have been asked for a while now, and the argument is, how can we be feminists if we are objectified as sex objects on a daily basis?” said a Stripchat performer from New York City who prefers to remain anonymous. “I get that many women see it that way, but I have a different outlook on this.

“Women in the U.S. are incredibly lucky. In 2018 we have more choices in how we can live our lives than at any other time in history. If I want to own my own company, work in an office, stay at home and raise kids or entertain clients in front of a webcam… I CAN. There are no limits to what we can do. That’s my idea of feminism… I’m going to do what I want.”

“I like to think of myself as a feminist but I understand that many people might disagree,” another Stripchat model from Florida said. “You’re having a man tell you what to do on the other end of a webcam as you entertain him for pleasure. That in itself, I suppose, is the opposite of what a feminist believes in. I see both sides. But I love what I do, so it works for me personally.”

“I love what I do, I love working for Stripchat and I make my own hours and I’m building my own wealth. It’s nobody’s business to judge,” said a performer from California. “Feminist, not feminist, I don’t care. I’ve built a business spending time with a lot of great people. If they’re happy, I’m happy. What does it matter?”

Webmasters who want to profit from the cause can promote the movement by signing up with the StripCash affiliate program.

For more information visit!

About Stripchat

Stripchat is a brand-new adult live cam site that creates an interactive striptease experience between amateur models and their online paramours in a discreet, secure setting that captures an intimate feel while sharing the same X-rated interests.

The token-based membership site is free to join, easy to navigate and its homepage boasts hundreds of private ‘rooms’ with models on call from all over the world, offering private shows – including the exclusive Cam2Cam performance – as well as video/photo content and messaging/chat service.

Stripchat offers added member benefits such as adjustable security/profile settings, advanced search functionality, saving favorites, model friend requests and Upgraded User status for the ultimate in membership rewards.

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When To Hire An Outside Company To Help Your In-house Team

A photo of Luke Luke Hazlewood, CEO, Grand Slam Media (part of TrafficPartner) 

In the journey of every successful company there are opportunities that present themselves and decisions that need to be made. A new revenue stream presents itself and their eyes light up. Hold on, though, this stream is outside of your core business and will require time, resources, and development. Do you take on this new project? Or do you put your head down and continue doing what you’re the best at, what has proven to be successful and profitable?

It’s a tough choice. On one hand, you want to continue growing your business and always reaching for more. But on the other, you’re taking on a risk that could distract you from your core business. The severity of that risk is why you should not be afraid of, but rather should embrace, an outside firm to supplement the skill set of your in-house team, especially if the opportunity is an arms-length away from your core business, complimenting rather than contrasting it.

An outside firm, easily found on the web or even better at events like the TES Affiliate Conference, will mitigate the stress of dedicating valuable time and development to a secondary revenue stream. But you have to depend on them to deliver results with autonomy. They’re specialists after all. As long as you can verify the results on a regular basis you should trust in their experience and expertise. It takes a load off your plate because any new revenue stream is going to require multiple touchpoints to get off the ground and flowing. With an outside firm, you manage one relationship and let them handle the rest. Couple that with large, yet attainable, performance-based goals and you have a firm motivated to reach audacious numbers on your behalf.

Always start with shooting a bullet – choose a small test or sub-set of the larger picture, conduct the test, review the results and then when satisfied, shoot a cannonball for much larger results and impact. Always have verification mechanisms in place so you can be sure of the expected results. Once a run-rate has been established, have them create a forecast so the business can develop expectations of results from the relationship. Again, track this – more frequently in the early going- then monthly moving forward. Always verify.

This new relationship, like all relationships, is built on trust and delivering on expectations. For that matter, you should always choose one firm for a new revenue stream. Choosing more than one firm will dilute their efforts as you are introducing competition into the equation. The only objective should be to meet & exceed your results; having more than one player may damage long-term expectations as competition affects the market dynamics by having too much supply or access to the open market.

A revenue-share model is a great way to have both parties aligned on the same goals. Everyone wins and all cards are on the table – transparency is key in building trust and trust is always a part of great business relationships. Fixed rates kill the upside and block transparency to the data and results.

On the inside, you stay high level and always down look with a birds’ eye view. Stay focused on the results and not the “how”, that’s the outside firm’s responsibility. The worst thing you could do is lose faith in their autonomy and dive into ground level tasks with them. That creates a duplication of effort and takes you away from your own specialties.

Outside firms provide a myriad of skills and, as long as any additional revenue streams don’t veer too far away from your company principles, they can be utilized to great success.


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