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DIMOCO Unveils Top Five Trends in Carrier Billing for 2017

Industry carrier billing expert presents the trends and topics that will drive industry growth and adoption in 2017 (VIENNA) December 12, 2016 - DIMOCO, a leading payment institute for carrier billing, today announced the key trends slated to drive the carrier billing market in 2017. Carrier billing offers content owners and merchants

Adult web platform to invest $2 million for sex games

Described as "the largest dedicated English-language adult gaming website in the world," Nutaku is looking for developers who are into making adult games. The company which has all kinds of Not Safe/Suitable For Work (NSFW) games has stacked up $2 million dollars to invest in developers who can make sex

Erotic members-only club opening in New York

Snctm, the A-list Hollywood club is coming to the Hamptons and New York City, bringing its "Eyes Wide Shut" parties. The erotic private club which which holds monthly erotic parties in the Holmby Hills neighborhood is LA's exclusive "theater of sexuality". On Sept. 10 during the Fashion Week, the members-only

The industry that continues to embrace Wi-Fi porn

free wifi

Consumers are currently blocked from accessing adult content in public areas due to the overwhelming success of promoting the “internet safety” campaign led by advocacy group Enough Is Enough. All patrons in public establishments are restricted from accessing pornography. However, hotels continue to embrace their consumers' habit. 11413