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How To Become a Cam Model in One Simple Infographic

It's not easy to actually be a successful cam model, but taking the correct first steps into this potentially very lucrative home-career can certainly make the tread on that path all the easier. Camming is the future of porn, as seen through industry trends and exponentially growing traffic numbers of websites. Is

Payment Tech to Deliver Cam Site Revenue Revolution?

(Europe) -'s enriching essentials, formed on the most advanced payment gateway for any e-commerce transaction based on 10 years of experience, seem to be skyrocketing cam site revenue figures through the roof lately. Naturally, any solid business foundation has to involve a stellar payment solution as one of its fundamental pillars

Social Media Image Sizes Cheat Sheet 2017

Sometimes, something so awesome, so cool, so "I wish I'd thought of that" comes along that you can not only breathe a sigh of relief that somebody's done it, but also have to gotta share... And so here it is, thanks to, the 2017 Social Media Images Sizes cheat sheet! They're

What’s a Blog For?

There's many reasons to start a blog. But let's start with the basics. "Blog" is short for web-log, basically, and when they first came out they were essentially semi-automated managed content that made it easier for people to just write (and post photos) without worrying about the surrounding environment of the