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them  have  an  application  process  and  you’ll   beginners, it’s a good idea to join a program or
                                             need to wait for acceptance.         network that handles a lot of this for you, so all
                                                                                  you have to do is use the provided unique URL
                                             Join  a  marketing  network  for     and start posting.
                                             affiliate marketers.

                                               Another  option  is  to  become  part  of  a   stick to the deal.
                                             marketing  network.  This  removes  a  step   Whatever you and the brand have worked
                                             for  you,  because  the  network  works  as  the
                                             middleman  to  pair  relevant  publishers  with   out,  it’s  important  that  you  stick  to  what
                                             appropriate  brands.  This  is  beneficial  for   you  said  you’d  do.  You  need  to  build  a  good
                                             publishers  because  many  of  these  networks   relationship  with  the  brand  so  that  you  can
                                             have  multiple  top  brands  that  are  accessible   continue  working  with  them,  and  you  don’t
                                             from  the  same  place.  The  network  may  also   want to develop a bad reputation in your niche.
                                             have a smart interface that lets you keep track   Communicate  with  the  affiliate  manager,  act
                                             of commissions and clicks.           professional and showcase their products in a
                                                                                  way that lines up with both your brand and their
                                             reach out to your favorite brands.   brand. Remember, this is a partnership.
                                               If  you  can’t  seem  to  find  any  information
                                             about  an  affiliate  program  for  your  favorite   Limit  how  many  products  you
                                             brand,  consider  contacting  them  directly.  promote at the same time.
                                             It’s  possible  that  they  don’t  have  an  affiliate   If  you  have  good  luck  with  one  of  your
                                             program,  or  they  may  just  not  publicize  it.
                                             You  may  also  learn  about  opportunities,  like   affiliate  programs,  it’s  tempting  to  promote
                                             becoming  a  brand  ambassador,  which  could   more  and  more  sponsored  posts.  However,
                                             line up with your business goals. There’s also   it’s always better to go slowly. Your audience
                                             the  possibility  that,  even  if  the  brand  doesn’t   is fine seeing some sponsored posts sprinkled
                                             have  any  type  of  ambassador  or  affiliate   in with your other content, but if your account
                                             program,  you  can  work  out  a  custom  deal   becomes  nothing  but  advertisements,  you
                                             with them to make money by promoting their   could end up losing your audience quickly. It’s
                                             products. It never hurts to ask!     also  hard  to  focus  on  the  best  methods  for
                                                                                  promoting  one  or  two  products  when  you’ve
                                             don’t be swayed by too-good-to-be-   spread yourself too thin.
                                             true offers.

                                               Affiliate  marketing  is  prone  to  scams,  Make list building a priority.
                                             and  if  an  offer  seems  too-good-to-be-true,  it
                                             probably is. You shouldn’t have to pay money   There  are  all  different  ways  to  promote
                                             in order to promote someone’s product. While   affiliate marketing links, like on Instagram and
                                             there are some legitimate programs out there   in your blog posts. However, your email list is
                                             that  you’ll  have  to  pay  for,  it’s  smart  to  do   going to be your best audience, because they
                                             plenty of research first. See what other people   want to get your newsletters and the content is
                                             are saying about these offers to determine if   delivered in a very personal way. The more your
                                             they’re legit or not.                subscribers trust you, the more likely they’ll be
                                                                                  to  take  your  advice  when  you  recommend  a
                                             use your unique links.               product.
                                               Once you’ve paired up with a brand, you’ll   Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways
                                             need to use unique URLs when promoting their   for website owners to setup a passive income
                                             products.  This  way,  the  links  can  be  tracked
                                             and analyzed to figure out how many are being   stream. Done correctly, affiliate marketing can
                                             clicked  and what purchases have come from   be quite lucrative. Beginners should focus on
                                             that  specific  traffic.  With  a  network,  these   creating a foundation that they can evolve and
                                             links are provided for you and easily tracked.   grow  over  time.  There  are  so  many  tips  out
                                             If  you’re  dealing  with  the  brand  one-on-one,   there, but it’s a good idea to start slowly and
                                             this  may  be  a  bit  more  tricky  to  setup.  For   learn as you go along.

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