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o now the summer shows return to help us heat up the beat after that eye of the storm calm where
                                             SCanada’s Qwebec Expo, one of the best adult conventions, floats alone to cleanse the palate from the
                                             frenzy of the first round of the season, and prepare us for the next front in this hurricane festival.

                                               And of course we’re talking about the upcoming Frankfurt Summit as well as a brand new experience
                                             for many of us - the WTF Webcam Training Forum in (of all places!) Russia! Talk about Porn being the great

                                               If you’re feeling frazzled at any moment in the middle of these big events, remember you can sit back
                                             with this latest issue of your favorite adult industry B2B publication, and look back with nostalgia and/or
                                             longing at two great recent events through my lense: this year’s 12th anniversary post-European Summit
                                             “War and Race” weekend, brought together by the great folks at imaXcash, and my great big book of pics from
                                             the first 2018 edition of TES itself in Cascais - photos so good they practically took themselves (you people
                                             are so sexy!)!
                                               Naturally, Payout is out to please the minds of those we tease as well, with some meaty morsels of e-biz
                                             wisdom in articles ranging from how to get started in affiliate marketing or decrypting the mainstream
                                             misperceptions of porn (for you beginners), to how to best use sites like LinkedIn or optimize your social
                                             networks from the adult business standpoint (for us old fogies!).

                                               And of course, don’t forget personal hygiene - or rather keeping your email space clear in GMail, keeping
                                             your online sales prose clean, or scrubbing the fraud out of your business.
                                               At Payout we aim to help make these crazy business & pleasure expeditions we call tradeshows as
                                             productive and fun as possible (at the same time!) while keeping an even keel - by providing you a calm
                                             center where you can retreat to a peaceful spot and review past blasts and gathered knowledge from an
                                             objective point of view, as well as review some of our advertisers’ excellent offers intelligently without too
                                             much distraction.

                                               And by the way - if you spot me, MikeB, taking pics while you’re sitting back at one of the upcoming shows,
                                             especially if you’re reading these pages in your moments of leisure, don’t forget to hand me your business
                                             card for the possibility of winning a free ad in these very pages. Branding-wise, it could be the calm before a
                                             storm of great business on your horizon!

                                               Onward! To Germany! To Russia! See you there!


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