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When You Pop, You Can’t Stop: Monthly Fetish Covers Looning

A woman in a polka-dotted bikini inflating a pool toy while lounging on an inflatable raft in the water with the Monthly Fetish logo watermarked.(Tampa, FL) January 23, 2018 – Balloons and inflatables are a growing fetish. The people who partake in them are called Looners. From inflating balloons to toying, playing, and squishing, to inflatable sex dolls and inflatable suits, the wide world of looning is very exciting and a fetish many people are starting to delve into… and maybe even you.

If you’ve ever wondered about looning, Monthly Fetish has you covered with this first of 2018 January issue, packed full of informative articles about how to find other looners online, the amazing world of balloon art, the history of balloon fetish, the basics you need to become a looner, and an outrageous new story about a hot load of air and other fetishes that brought one young British man over $5k a month and landed him on a UK court show.

And this month’s coveted Unbound Interview went to Rocco Bach of RubYourToy, the number-one inflatables store on Clips4Sale. Rocco clears up misunderstandings people have about looning and inflatables with this up close and very personal feature. He discusses the attraction to inflatables, what types of clips are most popular in his store, what’s the ultimate inflatable, and much more. 

“The looners are a small, but tight-knit community,” says Editor Jenn. “Many people are curious about the fetish but don’t know where to start. We hope this issue will help educate our readers and get them on the right path and open more than a few minds to a fetish they never even knew existed.”

Check out the Looning Edition of Monthly Fetish and previous issues at, and ask them anything you want to know about fetish at

Audio versions of the current issue are available at and on Monthly Fetish’s YouTube channel

About Monthly Fetish


Grand Slam Media’s Next Big Step: Next-Level OpenRTB!

Grand Slam Media logo and graphic advertsing OpenRTB.(Toronto, ON) January 22, 2018 – Grand Slam Media, a global company that has been focusing on mobile and web traffic monetization for over a decade, has announced their upgrade to “OpenRTB 2.5.” compatibility. Introducing this improvement for its real-time bidding spectrum can add immensely to their latest stream of profitable offers and stellar technology enhancements. Since joining forces with in early 2017, advertisers and publishers have seen a plethora of reasons to choose Grand Slam when it comes to maximizing web properties and ad campaigns.

“Real-time bidding has been an important part of our success story. With this next step, we’re offering another level of efficiency to companies that are looking for ways to effectively boost their return of investment,” said Luke Hazlewood, CEO Grand Slam Media. “I imagine, when taking a big enterprise to the next level, you want to do so in a data-driven fashion. That’s where we can offer our expertise and OpenRTB 2.5 compatibility, so you can aim for higher profitability, coming from potentially more effective campaigns, less divergence loss and a rather suitable market price range.”

RTB (Real-time bidding) is part of mainstream advertising on a daily basis. An automated and autonomous process puts every single ad impression up for bid in real-time. Thus the programmatic on-the-spot auctions are akin to a “stock market for ad impressions”. While the technology has been a part of Grand Slam Media’s success story, it’s become more and more popular in the adult industry as well. Accordingly, the company’s decision to be highly compatible with the OpenRTB 2.5 system is said to accommodate earlier versions and therefore effectively enhance the advantages of real-time bidding for advertisers and publishers.

Targeted advertising can be ensured, because each request has its own unique sets of requirements.

“Of course only little human intervention is necessary, as decisions are dominantly data-driven,” said Hazlewood. “Ads are delivered to consumers based on specific demographics, proper geo-locations and meaningful additional attributes. Optimizations going by sites or advertisers can define inappropriate supplies and demands just as well.”

“As a shareholder, I am thrilled about the new opportunities that OpenRTB 2.5 offers to both publishers and advertisers of Grand Slam Media,” said Michael Reul, CEO of TrafficPartner. “And as a publisher, who has its member area traffic managed by GSM [Grand Slam Media], I know that it will be even easier and more lucrative for advertisers to buy just the right impressions for their offers. This goes for all geographical regions we are strong in like DACH, Nordics, AU, NZ and so on.”

As the end of the platform’s extensive and thorough beta phase is now at hand, Grand Slam Media is ready to maximize OpenRTB 2.5’s full potential for advertisers and publishers.

“Come and join us,” said Hazlewood. “Make decisions based on data, because the future is programmatic media buying.”

Platforms for “demand-side” and “supply-side” should take note. Grand Slam Media states that DSPs have high chances to increase scalability of media buying efforts, profit from over one billion daily ad impressions and a rigorous approval process that ensures quality traffic.

SSPs may also see an advantage in separated adult and mainstream offers, as well as benefit by bigger traffic monetization through higher bidding competition.

Grand Slam Media can be contacted at


The Makers of Sugar Cum Launch New Business for Adult & Beyond

The 33 Innovations Inc. logo. Three times.(Miami, FL) Adult wellness and health company HiPleasures has launched a new business offshoot called 33 Innovations Inc. to help other individuals and companies get into the supplement game.

33 Innovations Inc. is a one-stop shop and offers everything you need to get into supplements, including manufacturing, innovation, consulting and business plans, branding and strategy, marketing and distribution, and order fulfillment.

33 Innovations Inc. can help with developing product and formulating a product to meet regulations as required by the FDA, NNFA and more, as well as using the best raw materials that go into the actual supplement. Any product you dream up, they can help you make a reality. They can draw up a business plan, come up with a proven strategy, and help with branding, which is the crux of any successful business. Marketing is another important element that 33 Innovations Inc. is well versed in from email marketing to media buying (including Facebook ads) to social media and more to help grow your product. And, the last business solution they offer is order fulfilment to help you meet the demands of your customers.

“When we first started HiPleasures and began to produce, market, be successful with our first supplement Sugar Cum, people were always asking how we did it and if we could help them too – that’s how 33 Innovations Inc. was born,” says CEO Brittani Feinberg. “33 Innovations Inc. is all about helping people make their supplement dreams become reality. We’ve just launched our site and already had a huge response and many new clients.”

If you’ve ever dreamed of creating, marketing, fulfilling, and being successful with your own supplement contact 33 Innovations Inc. via phone at 786.877.8976 or email at

About 33 Innovations Inc.

33 Innovations Inc. is a product and business development firm that assists entrepreneurs and other leaders make possible what they think is impossible in the supplement industry. The company is owned by Brittani Feinberg, who launched adult wellness and health company HiPleasures and had great success with their staple product Sugar Cum. Now, Feinberg is devoting all her time to helping others make their supplement dreams come true and help them attain the level of success she has enjoyed. Find out more about 33 Innovations Inc. by visiting their website at

All media requests for 33 Innovations Inc. and Brittani Feinberg should be directed to Erika Icon of The Rub PR at


VR Bangers Wins The Innovative Company Of The Year In The Cybersocket Gay Awards

18th Annual Cybersocket Web Awards Have Been  with VR Bangers Taking the Well-deserved Spot for Their Innovation in the Gay VR Porn Industry

Humourous photo of a man with VR Bangers goggles holding a golden trophy cup.(Los Angeles, CA) January 19, 2018 – VR Bangers, one of the first adult entertainment websites in the world to produce gay virtual reality porn movies in full 360 degrees, have been rewarded in the exclusive 18th Annual Cybersocket Web Awards for being the best innovative company of the year. The awards were given away on January 15th 2018, appreciating the firm’s efforts to develop this ever-growing branch of the VR adult movies market.

“We cannot say that we were not surprised, as there were many strong competitors,” said Daniel Abramovich, the CEO of VR Bangers. “This is a huge distinction for us and we will do everything to prove that we have deserved it and earn even more awards next year. VR Bangers keeps growing as a network, and such achievements only get us going even more, so we will not rest on our laurels and keep pushing the limits even harder in the future.”

If you were following VR Bangers’ steps in their first year in the gay virtual reality porn market, you already know how many new things hit the industry on their initiative. With a lot of precious experience gained while working in the heterosexual business, VR Bangers can now innovate this new branch with their tested ideas and solutions. This includes, but is not limited to their super-smooth VR app, first ever gay VR porn videos in 360° and 4K resolution, and full support for all the new VR headsets available on the market.

“We did not do all of these things to get the award, but we certainly love being appreciated,” said Abramovich. “From the very beginning of the gay VR Bangers, we were always trying to put some life into this branch of the industry, coming up with many different ideas. We kept adding support for brand new VR visors, we have managed to produce the scenes in the higher quality, while pushing the limits of the accessible hardware, and we did release the innovative app with the smart caching system and the best video streaming SDK available.”

VR Bangers “cannot wait to keep surprising” their fans, as they have promised the next year will be even fuller of innovations. Ever-growing list of the gay VR Bangers website’s members is a promising factor for the company to develop, and if you are interested in gay VR porn videos and not in the “family” yet, you should definitely join them at, as there is a brand new sex scene added in 360 degrees and 4K resolution every week.

“Competition is always good for the business, so we are more than happy to come up with the new things,” said Abramovich. “We are here to help fans and the gay industry, providing them both with some cool content, at the same time raising the standards for the whole business. If you would like to work with us, we do have an attractive affiliate program for our gay VR adult movies, with the best converting products for the partners that want to monetize their traffic and start making money.”

Everyone who would like to join the VR Bangers network by becoming their partner can do that with ease by visiting their website at The affiliate program of this most innovative company of the year is really flexible, offering a high revenue share, the best conversion of the products and convenient payout options like PayPal or Payoneer.

To learn more about the whole VR Bangers network visit


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