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Paysites continue to grow over the past decades

Premium membership subscription sites or paysites are not just getting stronger, they are growing. Owners and affiliates both have made quite a fortune with this side of the online adult entertainment industry.

These adult paysites did not have it easy all the time. Many have stagnated due to global recession back in the late 2000s. However, other paysites persisted by being adaptive, creative and fluid in their evolution that consumers can appreciate.

According to CherryPimps’ Jack Lawson, these days adult paysite market is not only very strong, but growing. Lawson explains, “We see today’s customer[as being] even more committed to our brands, as they see the commitment we have to them. Our core audience isn’t the user looking for free porn — it is the user looking for a quality product that delivers day after day, week after week.”

What paysites’ future hold

Gamma Entertainment Sales Director Joel Drapeau predicts, “I think we will see more and more mergers and acquisitions and, unfortunately, less of the smaller mom-and-pop sites. Bigger programs have the ability and staff to monetize every aspect of their websites and to optimize their traffic. This might be a challenge for smaller companies as they have to choose based on priorities that make the most revenues.”

And Lawson concludes, “We see the future dominated by the sites that are run with the understanding that the users are king.”

With porn created better and more engaging, it is almost guaranteed that the paysite market will continue to succeed. And as the market constantly evolves and dramatically changes, its operators and affiliates will continue to make serious profits in the foreseeable future.

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