ARTICLES Uncovers the Hardcore Fascination with Deepfake Porn

Harriet Sugarcookie Polls Fans to Find Out Why They’re Addicted to Face-Swapping Tech (London, UK) March 8, 2018 – Popular adult entertainer Harriet Sugarcookie recently polled 1,400 porn fans about porn’s latest craze, deepfake technology, in a just-released post. “Deepfakes use artificial intelligence to put someone else’s face into

Nevada Brothel Hosts “Do Over” Prom for Adults Yearning for Nonjudgmental Rite of Passage

(Pahrump, NV) June 9th, 2019 – Las Vegas-area legal brothel and sex vacation resort Sheri’s Ranch will be hosting its first annual Adult Prom for clients who have never had the opportunity to experience, or wish to redo, their high school prom. The invite-only event will take place at the

Sex Worker Takes Aim at Ever-Growing Penis Enhancement Market

(Pahrump, NV) November 27, 2018 – Is penis size important? According to a top courtesan at legal a Las Vegas-area brothel, men’s obsessions with shaft proportion is much ado about nothing. In ‘Penis Size! Why Guys Need to Get Over It’, Sheri’s Ranch sex worker Mila May defends men’s God-given gifts over

Brothel Madam Reveals the Empowering Upside to Legal Sex Work

(Pahrump, NV) December 8, 2018 – Dena, the madam and manager of Sheri’s Ranch, a legal sex resort and bordello outside of Las Vegas, has written an eye-opening article, ‘Nevada Brothel: A Model for a Positive Workplace for Women’, about the company’s progressive business practices and safety measures that are