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People in the industry come to the tradeshows not only to do business, but also exchange information, learn from others with different perspectives and experience in their approach to work, as well as to network, meet people from other companies and, of course, represent their own companies.

Payout Magazine is a lot like a travelling tradeshow that way.

Articles you’ll find within the pages of Payout Magazine cover adult-specific techniques and education, as well as more general topics all web workers might have in common.

After all, the smart webmaster knows s/he always has a lot to learn, that maybe over the years they’ve forgotten as much as they know as they grown in their respective fields, specialized and focussed their career development, so it’s always good to be reminded of the work it all entailed, as much as to discover how various aspects of business and technology have evolved.

Our galleries from past shows recall and recapture the fun and energy, reunions and new professional hookups from conferences and places as diverse as Prague and Phuket, London and Montreal.

And remember the galleries are much bigger on the site,!

Speaking of which, also offers industry news and press releases, tips & tricks for webmasters, upcoming show schedules, and basically anything that doesn’t fit in print.

And don’t forget to check out a new, regular feature in our print edition: The Payout Innerview, showcasing interviews with some of the biggest or newest names in the business.

Seek out MikeB and the Payout Magazine booth for great contacts, great pics and the best advertising rates in the business!

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I need sponsors! You know me over ten years now, under-promising and over-delivering to make your marketing work. Make Payout Magazine a cornerstone of your brand along with your spends in digital and social media, and I’ll help you build your brand better than ever, while you enable me to educate, entertain and embolden those working at every level in online e-commerce.

You know you see me everywhere, and my magazine is everywhere too. Payout Magazine is filled with information of all kinds relevant to your e-commerce enterprise, along with my signature event photos and industry chronicles. Let me get working for you.

I am committed to working for your success. Don’t get lost in the crowd, stand out and be seen in Payout Magazine.

Enjoy the photos, the articles, the news, the tips and the tricks – and watch for your friends to appear every month. Write me for any reason – special requests really excite me.

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