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made into a step-by-step straight line with our
                                                                    handy guide.

                                                                        And I bet you didn’t think you could get
                                                                    a second-hand server to host your sites
                                                                    and other online tribunes, and if you did you
                                                                    probably didn’t know there were better, easier
                                                                    ways to buy one... and neither did I! So don’t get
                                                                    frazzled by used-server salesmen by following
                                                                    our best-buy advice, included in these pages!

                                                                        And here’s another straight-line graph for
                                                                    you: based on our recent/past articles about
                                                                    building successful websites, you now have
                                                                    to prepare them for the inevitable lateral
                                                                    expansion, in order to make that profit graph
                                                                    keep climbing, cleanly, in the postive direction.
                                                                    And that’s the beauty of our simple piece on
                                                                    the steps you should take for that. Read!

                  Welcome to Payout Magazine! Welcome                   Acquiring traffic, by hook or crook or
                           to bare-summer SIZZLE!                   buying or whatever means, should usually be
                                                                    a focussed thing, by making sure you have it
                      The sun is hot brite, the poolsides are       targetted, finely, as in cross-hairs! Knowing
                  sizzling and the shows keep coming - 3 in four    what you have for the freaks and fellows of
                  days or was it 4 in three?! Portugal, Romania,    a similar discrinating taste as your own is an
                  Florida, where am I this morning?!?               easy way to make sure your surfers make a
                                                                    bee-line for the purchase page!
                      We are in the middle of the boiling baking
                  shakingest show season and you can tell - our         And finally, and finely, I offer you my photos
                  magazine is clean, lean and full of clarity and   and pics and images and instant memories
                  simplicity for ease of use.                       from recent shows and events not all available
                                                                    on Facebook or at! Check out
                      That’s why we’re putting out articles on      the BCAMS conference in all its splendour
                  the clear and smooth, such as the getting a       and glory! and look out at the separate gallery
                  simple understanding of Google analytics’         for the Streamate BBQ I snapped like mad at
                  international data, and how to recover from a     earlier this year!
                  Google update just by... prepping ahead of time.
                                                                        Sit back, relax and read, or relax and
                      And though it’s just a little past spring     view photos, and sip that Mojito, take a deep
                  cleaning, summer is never too late to clean up    breath... because it’s not over! This summer is
                  the old inbox, and we have a cool way to do so    just gearing up and we and the Payout team
                  right in these pages.                             will be there for you and with you as long as
                                                                    you keep showing!

                                                                        Hope you had a great summer so far and
                                                                    keep having one! I Know I Will...

                      The complexity of a MySQL (about which        MikeB
                  I am doodly-squatted knowledgeable) install is

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