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12Ca$h To Debut Market Place At European Summit

A photo of the two gentlemen in question.(Rotterdam, The Netherlands) September 1, 2018 – After launching their smartlink solution, a year ago on the European Summit in Prague, 12Ca$h will now be back at the show to open its brand new market place.

As of August 15th, publishers from 12Ca$h can hand pick offers from a new section in their control panel. 12Ca$h, owned by the Dutch Telefuture group, is keen to work directly with their publishers and to provide them with exclusive in-house offers.

But the market place is much more than just the offers from Telefuture. “We have tons of other hot offers, and a lots of them are exclusive too,” said a 12Ca$h spokesperson.

“12Ca$h will sponsor the European Summit again and you can find us on the Meet Market and at booth G31. At the booth you will find Willy Wonka and his oompa loompa’s handing out chocolate bars shaped as a pile of cash. One of the chocolate bars contains a Golden Ticket. The finder of the Golden Ticket will be invited to the 12Ca$h Money Factory in Rotterdam for a guided tour.

“We will take care of everything, including flight and hotel.”

And there’s more: 10 chocolate bars will contain a Silver Ticket that earns the finder a voucher for a free flight within Europe.

“How do you look with a pile of cash in your mouth? Stick the chocolate bar between your teeth and let our oompa loompa photographer take a picture of you! In our Social Media Campaign we are already going to show familiar faces from the adult Industry with a mouth full of cash.

“Everybody in the industry can be a part of this playful campaign until The European Summit show. Send us a (crazy) portrait of yourself (with or without money in your mouth) and our photo editing team will fix it. Tell us the name, title and company name you want us to display and if you want to approve the end result before publication. We will publish the pictures on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/12cash

“Last but not least, we opened our referral program. Invite your friends and earn 5% of the revenue from each of your referrals!

And yes, we will serve our famous spicy 12MANY shots at the booth!”

About 12Ca$h

12Ca$h is the ultimate platform for content publishers, website owners, and game and app developers. Our smartlink is a great solution to monetize remnant traffic.

More: Website 12Ca$h: https://www.12cash.com
See how our smartlink works: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YrhafFDxJoU
To schedule a meeting with 12Ca$h during TES, visit https://meetus.12cash.com
12Ca$h pictures from earlier events: https://www.12remember.net

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