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Adult Social Site PleazeMe Offers Sexy Tips For Shut-Ins

A photo of a couple embracing in silhouette against a purple-tinged star-clustered sky, with the PleazeMe logo in he upper left corner.

(West Palm Beach, FL) March 30, 2020 – Sex-positive social community PleazeMe.com is stocking up on great tips and ideas for the millions in seclusion during the worldwide COVID-19 crisis.

The anonymous site’s CEO and founder Heather C. Montgomery has created a virtual world – actually, seven of them – with plenty of chat forums, messaging, sexy curated stories, articles and entertainment and new like-minded friends to provide personal support and healthy doses of erotic exhilaration.

“You can get insights into your own intimate needs and, if appropriate, your partner’s deepest desires,” said Montgomery. “With over 200 business channels and growing, it’s a community of sex-positive artists, educators, brands and innovators sharing information with those of us who want to experience more pleasure in our personal and private lives.”

Montgomery suggests exploring self-love while in quarantine with the help of a new sex toy – PleazeMe’s in-house adult store is a great place to start (shop.pleazeme.com) – and try tantric masturbation for the ultimate in mind-blowing spiritual solo sex.

When apart from lovers, video chat is the best way to go. New and not sure how to begin? PleazeMe has an informative article for that as well, ‘The Beginner’s Guide to Video Sex’. Phone sex and sexting is still a favorite, and teledildonics – remote sexual encounters – are becoming more popular as well; PleazeMe’s eye-opening blog has an article to help out for that as well!

Quarantined together? Watch real people having real sex on sites such as user-generated video sharing platform makelovenotporn.tv; learn how to give an erotic massage, role play, strip/sex games, couples play and happy ending yoga.

“We have become so stressed and fearful and claustrophobic in such a short period of time, which is of course only human,” added Montgomery. “But if we take a deep breath, try to live in the moment and enjoy simple pleasures while we’re safe in our homes, we will all feel a lot better long-term… and PleazeMe is a great place to start!”

To get started on the “erotic journey of a lifetime,” visit PleazeMe.com.

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