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Crakrevenue Introduces A Free, Easy-to-use, Exclusive New Tool: Native Ads Generator

CrakRevenue Graphics For Their New Native Ads Tool.(Quebec City, Qc.) September 8, 2017 – After months of development, CrakRevenue, one of the world’s top CPA networks, has released an exclusive new tool: The Native Ads Generator.

This new tool allows affiliates the ability to create custom Native Ads that will adapt to the look and feel of their website. With numerous tabs that allow for the total customization of the Native Ad being generated, these settings let users modify the shape, text, font, images and numerous other ad-style preferences so Webmasters can conform them to their site’s style.

“Thanks to the collaborative work of the development team and many affiliates who have participated in the closed beta period, we deliver a fluid and functional tool that will meet the needs of affiliates who want to increase their revenues through the opportunities offered by native advertising,” says Hubert-Mathieu Côté, product owner and project supervisor.

Once again this feature is free and easy-to-use for affiliates looking to dip their toes in the world of Native Advertising.

And why wouldn’t they? According to recent studies, Native Ads are more effective at combating banner blindness and attract a higher number of users who tend to click on them based on vast interest. Native Ads are the perfect choice for those seeking more natural and relevant ads and better sales funnels.

It’s also been stated customers appear to notice Native Ads 53% more often than traditional display ads; and they tend to convert, on average, 18% more with Native types than traditional. These facts together make trying this new tool a no-brainer!

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