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Katherine Studley of The Only Consultant is this Week’s Guest on Adult Site Broker Talk

Contact: Bruce

URL: https://adultsitebrokertalk.com


City, State – Pattaya, Thailand

Katherine Studley of The Only Consultant is this Week’s Guest on Adult Site Broker Talk.

Katherine was raised in Buffalo, NY. She’s a tax accountant by trade and a creative person by nature. 

In 2021, she founded The Only Consultant, a judgment-free consulting firm that provides tax and financial advice to adult creators, exotic dancers, and other creative freelancers looking for a non-traditional tax experience.

She came up with the concept while scrambling eggs with only $400 in her bank account.

Though she had never ventured into entrepreneurship or the adult sector, it became abundantly evident that simple, caring, judgment-free financial advice was desperately needed. 

Her clientele expanded rapidly to hundreds of small companies and individuals. 

In 2022, she founded Prisma Tax Group to provide her clients financial success and comfort of mind. 

They stand out from other accounting firms in that they stress empowerment, creativity, and teamwork.

In 2021 she founded The Only Consultant.

Working for a Virginia federal contractor at the time, she came upon OnlyFans on TikTok. 

Originally, she intended to build a brand to market eBooks. 

She found, though, that people were looking for an accountant rather than an eBook. 

She let a tiny tax firm where she had previously worked prepare her tax returns, and for the first two years, she offered her services free. 

She thought it was time to grow, so in November 2022, she established Prisma Tax Group with a business partner. 

By July 2023, she had purchased his share and fully owned both companies. 

In the accounting field, their innovative approach involves giving contractors a share of the income generated from tax returns while working remotely. They also guarantee the meeting of deadlines and maintain flexible hours. 

The adult market clearly shows their inventiveness since few accountants will work with this industry. 

Her strategy is personally visiting clients, engaging in direct interaction, and building relationships with them. 

Right now, she provides tax consulting, bookkeeping, LLC and S Corp formation, and tax services. 

Aiming to be the only consultant her clients ever need, she plans to expand into real estate, life, health insurance, and any other service they might have a desire for.

You can find them at theonlyconsultant.com and follow them on X @theonlyconsult

Bruce, the adult site broker, host of the show and CEO of Adult Site Broker said: “Katherine and I had a great conversation about tax and financial ramifications for creators and other adult professionals. What she’s offering is unique in our industry.”

Adult Site Broker helps people buy and sell websites in the adult space. They are known as “the ethical broker” for their business practices. You can contact them on their website at adultsitebroker.com

You can listen to Katherine Studley on Adult Site Broker Talk starting today at https://adultsitebrokertalk.com

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