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Nevada Brothel Hosts “Do Over” Prom for Adults Yearning for Nonjudgmental Rite of Passage

A photo of four courtesans of Sheri's Ranch dressed up in HS Prom-lke attire, sitting on a baby grand before a huge, white-curtained window.(Pahrump, NV) June 9th, 2019 – Las Vegas-area legal brothel and sex vacation resort Sheri’s Ranch will be hosting its first annual Adult Prom for clients who have never had the opportunity to experience, or wish to redo, their high school prom. The invite-only event will take place at the bordello the evening of June 15th.

“I was apprehensive at first when the sex workers approached me with news that several of their clients expressed interest in redoing their prom here at the brothel,” said brothel madam Dena. “But after speaking with the women and giving it more thought, it became clear to me that a Nevada brothel is the ideal place to host a promenade dance for adults interested in experiencing, or reexperiencing, the all-American rite of passage on their own terms.”

“So much of what we do here at Sheri’s involves offering our clients an environment where sex workers encourage visitors to freely experience all of their fantasies and desires without judgment or shame,” Dena said.

“Many of our clients are Baby Boomers or Gen Xers that went to high school at a time when nonnormative self-discovery, gender identity, and sexual adventurism was often met with bullying and shaming. Many people went through high school feeling repressed and unfulfilled, only to discover and take comfort in their true selves later in life,” Dena said.

“Our prom is an opportunity for our clients to close the door on their high school personas, regardless of how old they are now, and celebrate their uniqueness so that they can get the chip of their teenage years off of their shoulder and reenter the world knowing that they had the prom they always wanted – and the best part is that they’re guaranteed to ‘get lucky’ at the after party.”

Vanessa Taylor, a sex worker at the brothel, agrees that the adult prom is a great opportunity to mark a new chapter in one’s life.

“My prom date is actually a woman that had her first female-to-female sexual experience with me as my client earlier this year,” Taylor said. “She went through high school and a good part of her adult life without indulging her bisexual inclinations. Now, she can use this occasion to celebrate her personal journey of self-acceptance and live the rest of her life as a full person that can explore all of her aspirations, sexual or otherwise.”

“Outdated gender norms and cultural stigmas have no place at our prom,” said Kayden Blake, another woman working at the brothel. “I will be wearing a suit and my prom date, a male cross dresser, will look glamourous in his prom dress as we dance the night away.”

“Many people visit Sheri’s because we’re so unconditionally accepting of everyone’s unique sexual identity, and my date is no exception,” Blake said. “We revel in each other’s individualism rather than strive to conform to some restrictive heteronormative stereotype. Nothing is more fun than celebrating who you are with people that love you for being true to your nature.”

Sky, another Sheri’s sex worker, never attended her high school prom and is thrilled that she finally has the chance to check this off of her bucket list.

“Our adult prom isn’t just for our clients, it’s also an event that me and many of my fellow sex workers are jazzed about and really looking forward to,” Sky said. “Several of us never attended our high school prom and now we finally have the chance to experience this once-in-a-lifetime ritual. I’m ridiculously giddy as I get fitted for my prom dress and await my corsage. It’s so much fun.

“Now, when people ask me if I went to prom, I can finally and enthusiastically say ‘Yes I did, and it was fabulous!'” Sky said.

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