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Lovense’s new compact Mini Sex Machines focus on helping cam models unlock their creative and earning potential

Get ready to get hyped because Lovense just dropped their newest bombshell: the LOVENSE MINI SEX MACHINE! The ultimate upgrade for cam models’ live stream setups. This compact yet powerful device is fully compatible with Lovense’s camming software, and is about to revolutionize how models earn their tips from live streams. Whether seasoned pros or the ones just starting out, this compact beast is the ticket to improve cam models’ performance during live streaming. So why wait? Let’s get camming more exciting and maximize cam models’ earning potential with the Lovense Mini Sex Machine!

More and more cam models are choosing to use these devices during live-streaming as sex machines offer powerful thrusts for the model and provide a more exciting visual experience for viewers. However, for cam models who haven’t yet made the decision to purchase one, the size and portability of a sex machine are often the top concerns. While a machine that is too large can be difficult to set up, store, or transport, a compact and lightweight one can offer greater flexibility and convenience for models to use during live streams. That’s where the Lovense Mini Sex Machine comes in. This innovative product is designed to meet cam models’ needs by being compact, lightweight, and with powerful automatic thrusts at intense speeds up to 260 strokes per minute. Even better, Lovense Mini Sex Machine can easily adjust to different angles and is compatible with all Vac-U-Lock toys and accessories providing variety for cam models’ performance. Lovense Mini Sex Machine is the perfect solution for models aiming to improve live stream careers without being limited by space and creativity constraints.

Like all Lovense toys, Lovense Mini Sex Machine is compatible with Lovense’s camming software, allowing models to interact with viewers in real-time during streaming. For models who want to offer viewers an unforgettable experience and earn more, the tip-activated Lovense Mini Sex Machine is absolutely the best answer. But that’s not all, Lovense Mini Sex Machine is not just for cam models – content creators using Lovense Remote App can also take advantage of its many features such as Long-Distance Control or Control Link to create more immersive content to build stronger connections with fans and followers.

Whether for models who are pursuing to boost their live-streaming careers, or simply exploring new ways to engage with the audience, Lovense Mini Sex Machine has them covered. Its powerful, compact, and versatile design offers users unparalleled flexibility. With the release of the Mini Sex Machine, Lovense has further expanded its product line of sex machines, providing users with even more options to choose from.  

To learn more about the differences between Lovense Mini Sex Machine & Lovense Sex Machine, please visit Lovense to find out: https://www.lovense.com/p/MiniSexMachineVM

About Lovense

Lovense is the leader in the field of teledildonics and interactive sex tech, revolutionizing long-distance intimacy through technology. They exclusively develop sex toys that can be controlled remotely on Lovense app, and double down on imagination by offering the opportunity for unprecedented interactive and long-distance intimacy experiences for couples worldwide.


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