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Mojohost Backs AVSecure Blockchain Age Verification

Logo Mashup for MojoHost and AVSecure, with a really cool circular background graphic.(Detroit, MI) January 11, 2018 – MojoHost, one of the industry’s primary hosting providers, has partnered with AVSecure, the leading age verification solution for the Digital Economy Act.

MojoHost will be running two nodes on the innovative blockchain solution designed and built by AVSecure at their Mojohost data centers in Europe and the US.

Under the Digital Economy Act, starting in April 2018, all websites with adult materials accessible from within the United Kingdom have a responsibility to block access to these materials from minors. The enforcement requires more than a passive checkbox confirming a user’s age (which is easily bypassed by minors wanting to see pornographic content). It is expected that acceptable age verification methods will include credit/debit card, voting data, mobile with SMS, and government-issued identification such as a passport or driver’s License, or in-person verification; AVSecure handles such verification processes.

MojoHost has the industry’s trust, built on integrity and service of consistent quality. The company focuses on utilizing technological innovations aimed at improving performance and lowering costs for its customers. This partnership with AVSecure expands the already impressive portfolio of services that Mojohost offers their clients.

AVSecure’s blockchain solution acts as a repository of encrypted tokens that represent age-verified consumers. The AVSecure blockchain is made up of multiple nodes, with each node being a copy of the blockchain database.

AVSecure runs several blockchain nodes itself for resiliency and performance purposes. The addition of Mojohost to operate their own AVSecure blockchain nodes ensures chain independence, which provides additional levels of security, trust and confidence for all clients.

Mojohost and Mojohost BV will operate the AVSecure blockchain nodes as a service to their clients. They will also offer a dedicated hosting service for any site owner that wishes to, and has permission to run a node directly, giving their clients additional operational assurance.

“We are delighted to be partnering with MojoHost who add enormous value to our service,” said Steve Winyard, co-founder and CMO of AVSecure. “Their expertise and trust is unquestionable and we know that choosing an age verification solution partner is a critical business decision and it is imperative that we offer the highest levels of confidence possible.”

“The partnership with AVSecure makes a lot of sense,” said Brad Mitchell, CEO, MojoHost. “It is quite rare that a new service comes to the market with comparable level of investment and expertise that AVSecure delivers. We will be recommending all our clients to use this service as we have absolute confidence in their technology and people.”

MojoHost has announced that it welcomes blockchain and crypto currency technology.

“AVSecure shows the ingenuity that can be used with blockchain technology,” said Mitchell. “Even though blockchain concepts have been around since the early 1990s, there are many ways it is now being used. We welcome all innovative technologies here at MojoHost and that includes blockchain and cryptocurrency applications,”

About MojoHost

About AVSecure

AVSecure designed and developed its blockchain solution to be the leading edge AVSecure offers a bespoke age verification solution for the adult industry to allow compliance with the UK Digital Economy Act. It is a truly federated system and once verified, a user will be able to access with ease any site using the AVSecure blockchain. The AVSecure solution is built on scalable blockchain technology, leveraging the associated security that comes with its encryption processes. Structured for global use, the AVSecure blockchain has the technical capacity to accommodate 100’s of millions of users daily. Our independence and collective experience of managing sensitive data in heavily regulated industries such as banking, financial transactions and registry services, provides the security and trust platform all users will benefit from.


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