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MojoHost Doubles Your Money With Paxum 100% Deposit Bonus

Paxum logo with Paxum site graphic floating above the MojoHost logo.(Detroit, MI) April 20, 2018 – Over $41,000 has already been saved in just over a week of MojoHost’s purchase matching sale featuring payments partner Paxum

MojoHost wants you to know they trust and are always happy to accept Paxum as payment from MojoHost customers. Recently, there have been challenges to the Paxum platform, but MojoHost has thrown its “good mojo” behind the company.

MojoHost is offering an aggressive 100% deal for new clients and additional purchases from existing clients, if they choose Paxum as their payment option. They are also offering a 10% deposit bonus for existing clients.

“We have full confidence in the Paxum platform and I would like to support them and their customers” Brad Mitchell recently announced on an industry forum as MojoHost’s CEO. “MojoHost puts it’s money where it’s mouth is with regard to it’s full commitment to success in our industry.”

Through the end of April, MojoHost will match 100% of Paxum funds sent to be applied toward incrementally new business. This amount will be placed as a credit on account to be used toward the purchase of any new Virtual Private Server (VPS) or dedicated server account. There is no limitation on dollar amount, but “100% bonus” funds cannot be applied toward existing recurring service.

For existing clients (because its ‘bad mojo’ to give discounts only to new clients) existing clients can load a pre-payment of any size using Paxum through April 30th and a 10% bonus will manually be provided within the corresponding MojoHost account.

Instructions for current MojoHost customers and eligibility are simple: Login to the portal. Create an “add-funds” invoice in any amount of your choosing.   Send Paxum funds in this amount to billing@mojohost.com and reference the invoice number of your new “add funds” invoice. MojoHost will handle the rest. All funds will be applied towards any outstanding invoices first before future invoices.

Taking advantage of this special is as simple as sending $1,000 or even $20,000 on your account at MojoHost. Those who are not sure about throwing around thousands of dollars are welcome to confirm their eligibility and bonus by contacting Brad@MojoHost.com or Natalie@MojoHost.com. Even if you are not eligible for this specific offer, there are additional deals if you reach out in the coming weeks. Hosting with MojoHost always comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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