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Monthly Fetish Spotlights ASMR in New Issue

A photo of a pretty red-head with headphones talking on a furry broadcast mic, with the Monthly Fetish logo in the corner.(Tampa, FL) March 7, 2019 – Monthly Fetish has been working hard on the March edition of the cutting edge fetish publication, and it’s all about ASMR (aka Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response). If you’re unfamiliar, it’s actually all around you, and Monthly Fetish has all the insights into this trending topic.

Did you watch the 2019 Super Bowl? One of the most popular commercials that alluded many of the 98.2 million viewers who tuned in to the game this year was the Michelob ULTRA’s new Pure Gold brew. Zoë Kravitz was the star of the ad, and it had her in a beautiful setting whispering, tapping a glass, and making various others sounds that subconsciously appeal to your senses. This month’s Ask the Doctor piece by Dr. Chauntelle delves into why people are wild for ASMR and the psychology behind it.

Fetish in Technology has some insightful information for producers and models on how to start making ASMR content, sites to sell your clips, purchasing electronic gear, and where to get supplies. Fetish 101 gives Monthly Fetish readers useful tips on starting and successfully monetizing their own YouTube channel.

The Art of Fetish discusses how ASMR is an art form; from carving soap, crunching, whispering, oils and slime, fingernails and tapping, hair sounds and brushing, mixed media, and erotic sounds.

The Unbound Interview spotlights Daria, who uses ASMR and mixes it with fetish for the ultimate braingasm. Daria discusses when she became aware of ASMR, her most popular clips on Clips4Sale, how ASMR can be literally anything that provokes the sensation in an individual, mixing ASMR with other fetishes like findom, and much more.

And, Fetish in the News covers riveting news about the New York Times trying to explain ASMR and convince us it’s not really sexual, as well as how ASMR can be used to help depression and anxiety using extreme relaxation and can even help you sleep.

“ASMR is really hot right now with YouTube channels getting millions of subscribers and tons of clips being sold on sites like Clips4Sale,” says Monthly Fetish Editor Jenn. “Many people don’t understand the science behind it, and our new issue should help with that. If you’ve never tried ASMR, it will literally blow you away.”

Check out the ASMR edition of Monthly Fetish and previous issues at https://www.monthlyfetish.com/featured-fetish/.

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