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Pimp Mansion Rebrands As Smart Bros.

Big Graphic Logo for Smart Bros..After being one of the few pioneers that dared invest in Adult Dating 15 years ago (remember HornyMatches?), Pimp Mansion has become an exemplar of success for many in the adult industry.

But rather than “standing still” or flatlining at a pinnacle, the company has decided to not only branch out but brand out to meet the expectations of the new web frontier.

“Out with the old, in with the new!” reads the statement on the new www.SmartBros.com site.

“Rebranding Pimp Mansion as Smart Bros. was just the first step in redefining Pimp Mansion’s business, values, our services and products,” says Smart Bros. Team Member Adam Hardy.

“It was time for Pimp Mansion to aggregate everything the company has learned, experience and know-how earned, to build something bigger, better and beyond what could have been imagined when the company launched a decade and a half ago.”

Smart Bros. is offering a wider spectrum of new services and products, according to Hardy.

“It’s a new way of thinking and of doing business,” says Hardy. “Smart Bros. is focusing on improving and growing it’s own Adult Dating portfolio as well as expanding to new verticals.”

The newly minted company has the only goal to be the best traffic team on the market – any market.

With traffic quality as their focus, the Smart Bros. team will buy and sell Adult & Mainstream traffic from and to selected partners only.

“That means real Desktop & Mobile email clicks, and real Desktop & Mobile impressions,” says Hardy. “And carrying forward the Pimp Mansion tradition, we also run one of the best adult dating affiliate offers, with up to $75 PPS.”

One other service provided by Smart Bros. is the user data management, meaning they will help customers monetize their users database and split the revenue, with no costs on the client’s part.

With the ambitious agenda in motion, Smart Bros. also has further plans to invest, expand, and diversify.

“Meaning we’ll be developing project after project until we have at least two projects in every vertical,” says Hardy. “Go big or go home, as some might say.”

Mr. Adam Hardy from Smart Bros. is standing by for those ready to buy good adult dating traffic (displays & email clicks) as well as for anyone with good adult traffic to sell (CPC, CPM, PPS, PPL).

“It’s simple. Just contact Smart Bros..”


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