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Shameless Sex Digs Deep into Breakups During COVID-19

Shameless Sex Digs Deep into Breakups During COVID-19

A low angle shot of the hosts under the Shameless Sex logo.(Los Angeles, CA) June 19, 2020 – Shameless Sex Podcast hosts April Lampert and Amy Baldwin discuss the crushing stress of relationship collapse, particularly during the coronavirus lockdown, on their latest podcast episode, ‘Breakups and Heartache’, at Shamelesssex.com.

The duo is encouraging the suddenly-single to embrace their fears, speak up when they need help – calling on good friends to be there while going through the motions of grief, sadness and anger – and realize that being alone in 2020 isn’t such a bad idea after all.

“After facing a recent breakup, April and I were motivated to devote an episode to this personally painful subject, where I openly share my heartache and vulnerability while offering tips for listeners who may be going through the same,” said Baldwin, who noted that the combination of “a good support system, nature, meditation and tequila” helped her tremendously.

“We’ve already received countless responses from listeners thanking us and/or saying they are in the middle of it as well. It seems like it’s in the air, and it’s extra challenging considering what we are all going through during COVID 19.”

Baldwin added that this uncertain period in time is “a golden opportunity to highlight how to navigate breakups; a lot of folks are miserable in their relationships, but are too scared to leave because they are afraid dating will be too hard during COVID. Well, it’s summer and summer is the perfect time to get out of those dead-end relationships.”

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