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VR Bangers Takes “Huge Step” Into Mixed Reality

VR Bangers Explain How to Watch Their Immersive VR Porn Movies in 360° on the Newest Mixed Reality Headset from Microsoft

VRBangers logo over a green-tinged Matrix-style image of a goggled guy viewing some MR on a device.(Los Angeles, CA) January 11, 2018 – Last week, VR Bangers, one of the first adult entertainment sites in the world to produce Virtual Reality porn movies in full 360 degrees, announced that watching their adult videos in virtual reality is now possible on the brand new MR headset from Microsoft – Windows Mixed Reality. VR Bangers are the first producers in the business to make use of that, which is a great news for a lot of VR porn movies’ fans from all around the world.

“We always try to be up to date when it comes to new technologies,” said Daniel Abramovich, the CEO of VR Bangers. “Windows Mixed Reality is a system that many people were waiting for, as it combines the thrill of virtual reality mixed with augmented reality. Since its market share grows significantly every day, Microsoft have partnered with the most innovative hardware brands, and now it was finally hacked, we could not leave that unanswered and had to do something about it.”

Windows Mixed Reality is the newest headset system from Microsoft that is being developed by many top hardware manufacturers like Samsung, Acer, Dell, HP or Lenovo. Its design is innovative and modern, as it contains a hinged display, ultra-high resolution visor, and six degrees of freedom motion controllers with no need for any further external sensors. Goggles combine the augmented reality and virtual reality experiences, giving the fans some brand new sensations in the mixed reality.

“When it comes to the tech novelties in virtual reality area, games and movies invariably come first, so there is always a room for some innovation for adult movies,” said Abramovich. “We want our fans to have as many ways of interacting with our contents as possible, so we always try to push some new solutions to the business – that is why we have decided to be the first ones to release the VR porn movies for Windows Mixed Reality.”

VR Bangers have always been known for their innovativeness, as they have introduced many new solutions in past years, including the very first VR porn videos in 360° or a high-end optimization for the 8K standard in their productions. Today they are once again going over the line, as they are first to offer the possibility of watching their VR Porn videos on the brand new Microsoft MR headset, making them accessible to even more people from around the globe.

“We know that many folks were waiting for this to happen, and we are always happy to make these little dreams come true,” said Abramovich. “This is the great opportunity for both us and our members, and a revolution in the adult movies business at the same time. We are waiting impatiently for what the future will bring, expecting the new possibilities with open minds and great hopes.”

Any Windows Mixed Reality owners can now check how VR Bangers have dealt with this technology on their website at https://vrbangers.com. Their web page contains a rich library of high-quality adult movies in virtual reality at 360° and in 4K resolution, with two new scenes being added every week.

Webmasters can benefit from the VR Revolution by signing up for the VRBangers Affiliate Program, powered by EPOCH.

For more information about VR Bangers, visit https://vrbangers.com/wmr/.


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