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What sex actually means for men and few tips on the side

Men are often referred to as sexual beasts. All they really want is sex. They are even compared to animals or sickos. However the society, men included, needs to understand that there’s a much deeper meaning to what men want – particularly sex.

Sexual contact leads to

many men getting in touch with their raw feelings. It’s an activity where they sometimes get to be rough but vulnerable at the same time. They become softer, more human and dependent to another person for warmth and tenderness. Sex can make their heart inside out and their world upside down.

Unlike women who want to experience excitement and safety, sex for men is some sort of surrender. It is a time where they give in to their touchy-feely side. Yes, men too have emotional wants and needs. While women long for a deeper connection when the clothes are on, men find it after the door closes. And their bond becomes stronger with each orgasm where their souls intersect.

Many men do not have positive role models for intimacy, how to treat women and are sometimes even starved of affection. Women can fill that void and give them warmth and tenderness. But getting your woman naked is just the start, you have to work at it and succeed. You have to set your penis to focus on the need for a passionate connection with your lover. Know what she wants before you penetrate her. And make it your goal to create a closer bond and affection.

Most people look for love and connection. It’s just a matter of giving what each other needs. So, check in to your thoughts and emotions, and break through to the gateway to her soul.

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