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And online adult can be quite different than
                                                                           standard (read: non-porn) business, what with the
                                                                           web aspect and all, so this is why we have to look
                                                                           at the stuff covered in some of this issue’s articles.

                                                                               So for the more basic approach there’s the
                                                                           article on... how to become a webmaster (show that
                                                                           one to your brick-&-mortar friends who want to get
                                                                           in on your action), then an article on basic SEO, and
                                                                           another on how to use social media not quite to the
                                                                           level of “marketing” but in essential, basic techniques
                                                                           to help your online presence be known to a wider
                                                                           group of people... ok, so, it’s basic marketing.

                  Welcome to Payout Magazine and the                           And once ordinary folks become webmasters,
                          season that is upon us at last and again:        though, they need to take the further steps we
                  the heavy full-bore adult industry convention            describe in how to make pictures and graphics more
                  storm of summer. Alas, it’s with a heavy heart           viewable by search engines and viewing-impaired
                  that I have to report, as we all probably know           surfers. And then build those links, for which we
                  by the time you are reading these words,                 provide a do-and-don’t article.
                  that CCBill has called an end to it’s industry-
                  defining, historic Phoenix Forum.                            Then there’s a little more advanced stuff, like
                                                                           our piece on how to boost sales explosively, or
                                                                           turning 404 pages into useful, even profitable,
                                                                           accidental destinations. Also in the marketing
                                                                           field would be how to reach out to media with an
                                                                           information package about your site and business
                                                                           as a foundation for future media outreach.

                      One of the big shows, that started off small.            And then for the firmly established enough to
                                                                           be hiring businesses, we complete our series on
                      In fact, one of the things about the Phoenix         BYOD and how an enterprise can be decimated by
                  Forum that was always liked since it started,            incompatibility in the office environment, local or
                  though, was that no matter how big it got (and it        remote.
                  grew steadily year after year), was that it felt small,
                  intimate, regardless of how “big” it got.                    Finally, the moment we all wait for, the pinnacle
                                                                           of any successful online porn entrepreneur’s career,
                      That’s the secret to our industry, that we still     is to appear in the pages of Payout Magazine, in a
                  feel “small”, like a group of cottage businesses         gallery like the one currently printed for you here, at
                  interacting and trading, where everybody knows           an actual authentic adult convention... in this case,
                  everybody. Even though some of us have grown             of the excellent and memorable XBIZ Show in Los
                  to insanely huge global status, consolidating and        Angeles earlier this year.
                  acquisitioning smaller sites and becoming seriously
                  corporate, like LiveJasmin, AWE or imaXcash, we still        So come one come all, porn embraces the new-
                  know each other and help each other. Big or small,       comer like the old veteran, as does the convention
                  in fact.                                                 circuit and Payout Magazine.

                      One of the main goals of our business                    Let’s go do business!
                  conventions, by the way and as if you didn’t know, is
                  not to keep our professional secrets or to associate         (and remember one of the best first steps in any
                  privately, but to welcome and expose the newbie,         porn business is to get your business cards done so
                  the small business operator, to our world and our        that you can hand them to me at one of the shows
                  market.                                                  and get not just your pic in our pages but a free ad for
                                                                           your business... just a wink and nod to the newbies and
                      And so is part of the mission of Payout Magazine,    oldies out there...)
                  and in keeping with that this issue tries to focus on
                  the engaged but not yet launched entrepreneurs           MikeB
                  dipping their toes in our part of the big pond of
                  professional porn (lol that was funny).        

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