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3F Models Provide the Freedom and Force in the Federation

3F Models have been providing models with the opportunity to achieve much more than simply a place to broadcast their talents for over 11 years. Their business has risen steadily and they currently operate studios in Kharkiv, Kyiv and Odessa.

A spokesman for the company said “We are biggest studio in Ukraine. Before the war we had 20 studios, but we had to close some studios in Kharkiv because there aren’t many people in the city now. We are working hard for the models, and continuing our expansion, especially in Odessa and Kyiv, where we currently operate more than 10 studios”.

Force, Freedom and Federation

The mantra for 3F Models has always been to help their models attain much more than simply earning an income. In fact, 3F stands for ‘Force, Freedom and Federation’. They pride themselves on providing ways and means for the models to become part of the 3F family and to help them grow as individuals. As well as studio training for cam broadcasting, they also offer assistance with beauty products and procedures via their partners in the beauty business and are able to provide big discounts to models with guidance and instruction.

In addition, they have a resident psychologist who provides support and assistance towards attaining positive mental health for the models. The support is able to discuss strategies and provide the right approach when models are dealing with the members on the site and any issues they may face, in the adult industry as a whole.

The Ultimate Prize Givers

3F Models are well known for their regular contests for the models and also, the incredible parties they organise. A spokesperson from 3F Models told me “We always make parties for models, and there are regular contests throughout the year. 3F Models do not want to just earn big money from the models, we want to invest money for contests and for the models future. For example, a few years ago, at a “New year’s party” one of models won an apartment in the Kharkiv city, another model won a Maserati car, while another got $5000. Regular gifts for models include iphones, macbooks and ipads. And it’s not a one-off event, it’s a regular occurrence.”

Why do you think that 3F Models are attracted to your studios?

We think that we offer the models the very best in terms of training and well-being, right from the very start. We spend time initially making sure they understand the process and what the work entails. They are shown the sites functionalities and given a good understanding of what is involved. We deal mainly with Freemium sites, so it means they need to be comfortable and make good use of their attributes. If for example, a model is good at dancing, we encourage her to focus on this aspect.

It’s preferable for us to ensure the model can concentrate as fully as possible on webcam and so we provide content creation opportunities for the models also. We understand the importance of providing content for the models profile and much prefer to offer our expertise in this instance”.

Garnering Prestigious Industry Awards

As well as many nominations every year at the different events, 3F Models have won some big industry awards over the past 3 years including

  • Best Ukrainian studio on Bcams.

  • Best Ukrainian studio at the AW Awards in 2021, 2022 and 2023.

  • Best Ukrainian model

  • Best VR model

The 3F ambassador Sofia, also has an award for ’Best company representative’ and can be found at all the major summits in Europe.

Unveiling the Future

So, what’s in store for 3F Models in 2024?

We are working hard on social media and have just started our youtube show “whoiscam” about the summits and events. We have just tested that and we would like to up quality and be a more prepared in the 2024. We’ve also been working on our TikTok to improve our engagement. We recognise the importance of staying ahead of the game and strive to continue to develop and expand our brand. Although as every Ukrainian studio knows it is hard for us to plan anything more than 2 weeks in advance at the moment. Every single bit of investment is high risk but we continue to strive and do not stop our hard work in order to achieve what we know is possible for our models. Our goal is to receive a ‘Best European Studio’ award”.

Fresh Prize News

Any models who think they’ve got what it takes to become a 3F Model should apply right away. You too can become a highflyer with this award-winning company and maybe be the next best Ukrainian model in the industry.

Not only that but the latest content has started, where 1 lucky model will win a Pontiac Solstice. Yes, that’s right! Every single model working with 3F Models has a chance to win this incredible prize, so join up right away. The closing date is March 8th 2024. Just imagine, you could be riding around in your very own cabriolet this Spring!


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