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BlueCheck and NATS Partner to Provide Seamless Age Verification

Contact: Alex Zeig
URL: www.bluecheck.me

City, State – Austin, Texas

BlueCheck has teamed up with NATS, a Too Much Media solution, to make age verification accessible for the adult industry. This collaboration integrates BlueCheck’s cutting-edge technology directly into the NATS platform.

This action represents a huge step forward in terms of age compliance and user experience throughout the vast network that NATS maintains. The innovative and tried-and-true solutions offered by BlueCheck will speed age verification procedures by using customer name and address information. Soon, these solutions will expand to incorporate technologies that use face age estimation and mobile phones.

The needs of the adult and content producer sectors are immediately addressed by the incorporation of BlueCheck’s age verification within the NATS platform.

Alex Zeig, CEO of BlueCheck, expressed his excitement about the partnership: “BlueCheck is thrilled to collaborate with Too Much Media, enhancing their client base with our advanced age verification solutions. Our joint effort is focused on delivering seamlessly integrated solutions that adhere to forthcoming regulations, a critical aspect in the adult and content creator sectors.”

John Albright, co-founder at Too Much Media, said: “We’re thrilled to be able to add seamless, fully integrated age verification to NATS with BlueCheck. The ability to easily deploy age verification to your sites and see the verification status of members right inside your NATS admin panel makes navigating the ever-changing landscape of compliance an easier task. As an established and trusted age verification solution in several industries, Blue Check is a perfect partner for both Too Much Media and our clients.”

BlueCheck has established itself as a frontrunner in the field of age verification technology, having successfully verified more than one hundred million data points for a variety of businesses. Their solutions are well-known for being sturdy and focused on the user. BlueCheck’s technology has been designed to comply with all the regulations that govern age verification in the United States, as well as numerous laws that are in place in countries all around the world.

One of the most successful software infrastructure solutions for the adult and content producer industries is NATS, which is a product offered by Too Much Media. To fulfill the ever-evolving requirements of this dynamic industry, Too Much Media is committed to providing cutting-edge hosting and technological solutions that are specifically built to meet those requirements.

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