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CrakRevenue Introduces New Payment Terms of Net 15 and Net 7

Large icon-like graphic representing a calendar.(Quebec City, QC) August 25, 2017 – CPA Network CrakRevenue has announced that it is rolling out new payment term cycles on its award-winning platform. Restrictions apply, but select affiliates are now eligible to be paid Net 15 and Net 7.

Net 15 – affiliates that qualify will be paid bi-monthly 15 days after the end of the period.

Net 7 – affiliates that qualify will be paid bi-monthly 7 days after the end of the period.

For those familiar with the network of the Whale, CrakRevenue currently pays Net 30, with affiliate commissions paid 30 days after the end of the period. There are two payment periods every month. The first period (from the 1st – 15th) and the second (from the 16th – last day of the month).

For payment eligibility, affiliates must have earned $100 or more by the end of the period to receive payment by Paxum, Check, First Choice Pay, and $500 or more for those interested in payment by Wire.

CrakRevenue also reports that affiliates can now qualify for Net 7 payments.

“We’re thrilled to finally be able to offer additional payment terms,” says Maxime Bergeron, Sales Director. “Affiliates have expressed their interest in quicker payment processing times in the last survey that we took, and we want to let these affiliates know that we heard their suggestions loud and clear.”

Affiliates hoping to take advantage of these new payment term cycles should speak with their Affiliate Manager, says the CPA network.

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