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Elevate and Dommenate Podcast Welcomes Mistress Cyan and Mia Darque

Needed to keep you in the loop on this. Goddess Aroya and Mistress Odessa were great and they were very patient with us as we juggled activities at Erotic City. Please let me know if you need anything.

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Elevate and Dommenate Podcast Welcomes Mistress Cyan and Mia Darque

Los Angeles, CA — The Elevate and Dommenate Podcast recently covered LA Pride, and interviewed Mistress Cyan and Mistress Mia Darque at the Erotic City side of the event.

Erotic City is the adults only side of LA Pride, offering guests the opportunity to explore their kinky side with demonstrations and performances. Mistress Cyan hosts Erotic City. Cyan’s staff from Sanctuary often volunteer and included are special guests from Bullet Bar, Fitpup Leather, Whipping Stripes, The Leather Journal, The Sidewalk Project, The LA Pony and Critter Club, and Torture Garden LA.

Hosted by Goddess Aroya and Mistress Odessa, Elevate and Dommenate Podcast is the go-to podcast for all things BDSM, power dynamics and covering the intriguing world of professional domination. They explore the connection between physical fitness and sensual pleasure, helping listeners tap into their inner dominance and find confidence in both body and mind.

“We are so excited to have this interview,” said Goddess Aroya. “We want to share with the community… This is an amazing event here. You have Erotic City, where those 18 and up can be themselves.”

“With Erotic City, I came on board with LA Pride back in 2006,” noted Mistress Cyan. “There was debate of whether to keep such an edgy, kink, fetish, BDSM section in there, but my feeling has always been you can’t complain if you don’t take a seat at the table. So I got on the board, and have been working really hard over the years to keep this not only existing, but also growing.”

Goddess Aroya and Mistress Odessa discussed the electrifying performance by Meg The Stallion the previous evening at LA Pride, then got personal and professional with Mistress Mia Darque.

“There are a lot of misconceptions that every Dominatrix is a cruel, mentally destabilizing, bitch… She has to be covered in tattoos. She can only be 5’6″ and she has to have the Betty Page look to her. I’ve rage quit against all that shit,” explained Mistress Mia Darque. “I’ve given more through professional domination sessions than I have ever been angry in a lifestyle session. My last client came all the way from Switzerland so that we could wrastle! He likes to be bear hugged and dropped to the ground. The fact that I can do that in six inch platform heels, he absolutely adores!”

Mistress Cyan and Mistress Mia Darque will be at DomCon New Orleans, October 26-29. Go to https://DomCon.com for registration information and details.

Go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTkRux85yY to see the interviews with Mistress Cyan and Mistress Mia Darque, and LA Pride coverage.

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