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Filmmaker and Pornstar Axel Abysse is this Week’s Guest on Adult Site Broker Talk

Contact: Bruce

URL: https://adultsitebrokertalk.com


City, State – Pattaya, Thailand

Filmmaker and Pornstar Axel Abysse is this Week’s Guest on Adult Site Broker Talk.


Axel Abysse is a French filmmaker and performer based in Tokyo, Japan.

Born in the countryside of southern France, Axel was an introverted and unconfident child who wrote and drew his visions in sketchbooks to give them form.

As his body grew and he expressed his first sexual desires, his artistic interests led him quickly to erotica.

At the age of 18, while pursuing art and concentrating on cinematography in Paris, Axel had his first fisting. He never went back.

After moving to Japan, he experimented with photography and became a model. He decided to share what he termed “his curse” with the world after being surprised and enthused by the positive response of hundreds of Internet users. Axel Abysse was conceived.

Axel uploaded a video to Xtube in 2014 to exercise his self-taught filmmaking skills while embracing exhibitionism. This was the first in a long series of somewhat experimental and pornographic pieces in which the performer, alone or with partners from all over the world, investigated the art of fisting.

Over the course of several months, his work gained more recognition, and renowned studios invited him to perform in the United States alongside industry heavyweights such as Brian Bonds or Amerifist.

Axel decided in 2017 to fully embrace both his creative and erotic passions, turning the curse into a blessing with his website AxelAbysse.com.

Since then, he has traveled the globe, performed on stage at some of the largest fetish events, and collaborated with porn titans and newcomers to create films, receiving accolades and awards along the way.

On Twitter, his handle is @theaxelabysse

Bruce, the host of the program and CEO of Adult Site Broker, stated, “This was one of the most fascinating interviews I’ve ever conducted. Axel is an expert in the gay fetish niche. You will learn about his beliefs and a great deal about fisting.”

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You can listen to Axel Abysse on Adult Site Broker Talk starting today at https://adultsitebrokertalk.com

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