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Madam Bella Cummins of Bella’s Hacienda Ranch is this Week’s Guest on Adult Site Broker Talk

Contact: Bruce

URL: https://adultsitebrokertalk.com


City, State – Pattaya, Thailand

Madam Bella Cummins of Bella’s Hacienda Ranch is this Week’s Guest on Adult Site Broker Talk.

Madam Bella Cummins is best known for turning the failing Hacienda Ranch Brothel in Wells, Nevada, into the renowned “Bella’s Hacienda.” Today, “Bella’s Hacienda” is recognized as one of the most notable legal brothels and adult entertainment attractions in Northeast Nevada.

She has demonstrated unrelenting dedication and keen economic acumen despite encountering obstacles such as the AIDS crisis of the 1980s and the shutdowns caused by COVID.

Madam Bella has been a legal brothel owner for the past 37 years, and during that time she has worked to change the way people in the United States think about people who work in the sex industry. She has done this by removing exploitative parts from the sector, and she has also established a culture of trust and collaboration in the workplace that is led by women.

She is the founder and primary benefactor of the Onesta Foundation, which promotes the legalization and regulation of prostitution while also offering support to sex workers in the state of Nevada and opportunities for professional advancement.

It is a monument to her innovative leadership and commitment to empowering sex workers that Bella’s Hacienda Ranch is the only legal brothel that is run wholly by its employees, who are all sex workers.

The remarkable legacy left behind by Madam Bella stretches far beyond her business, making her a pivotal player in determining the course of the adult entertainment industry’s future as well as a staunch advocate for the rights and dignity of legal sex workers in the state of Nevada.

You can access Bella’s on the internet at bellas.us.com.

“Bella was absolutely charming,” remarked Bruce, the adult site broker, host of the show, and CEO of Adult Site Broker. “If you listen to this podcast, you will never think of a madam or a house owner in the same way. We had a great time.”

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You can listen to Madam Bella Cummins on Adult Site Broker Talk starting today at https://adultsitebrokertalk.com

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