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MojoHost Appoints Roland Grotheer as European Brand Ambassador

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS – MojoHost, a premier provider of advanced hosting solutions, is excited to announce that Roland Grotheer is joining the company as its first-ever European Brand Ambassador. This pivotal move is designed to enhance MojoHost’s growth and presence in the European Union, utilizing its high-caliber services from the Netherlands data center and additional state-of-the-art facilities in Michigan and Florida, USA.

Brad Mitchell, President of MojoHost, welcomes Roland’s expertise and alignment with the company’s core values. “Roland’s extensive industry experience is invaluable for promoting our vast array of services, including dedicated servers, VPS, cloud instances, cloud storage, and CDN. His unique understanding of our offerings, gained over nine years as a MojoHost customer, makes him a compelling advocate for our brand. We are expanding the brand and we want to offer our EU customers the attention, care, and support we are famous for in the USA.”

Roland Grotheer has been gaining experience in the industry since 1999 as a successful webmaster running hundreds of tubes and dating sites. After spending several years as Head of Sales for an international dating brand, Roland is ready to share his Good Mojo as a MojoHost customer with the future clients of the brand. 

Roland commented on his new role, “I am honored to represent MojoHost in Europe. Having experienced their services firsthand, I’m eager to demonstrate how MojoHost stands out in the EU market, especially in comparison to other providers. Many European hosts offer lower-quality networking services, outdated hardware technologies, and limited technical support. In contrast, MojoHost’s infrastructure is top-notch, featuring the latest hardware technologies and backed by extensive technical support, setting a new standard for quality in the region.” 

As the new ambassador, Roland will highlight MojoHost’s exceptional services and their benefits to the European digital market. The company’s commitment to providing high-quality infrastructure, cutting-edge hardware technologies, and comprehensive technical support significantly surpasses many local providers. To add flavor to the international team, Roland sums it up: “ Let’s go. Vollgas, as we say in Germany.” 

MojoHost’s offerings are particularly noteworthy for including generous free bandwidth across all its products. This feature is exceptionally advantageous in its new line of low-latency Virtual Private Servers (VPS), which are engineered to deliver optimal performance and speed. This aspect of MojoHost’s service offering is particularly appealing to European customers who require reliable and efficient hosting solutions for their digital ventures.

For more details about MojoHost and its extensive service range, please visit MojoHost’s website. You can also meet Roland and the team at TES this February in Portugal.

About MojoHost:

Recognized globally for its exceptional hosting services, MojoHost specializes in a wide range of solutions, including dedicated servers, VPS, cloud instances, cloud storage, and CDN, all complemented by generous bandwidth allocations. With state-of-the-art data centers in the Netherlands, Michigan, and Florida, MojoHost is dedicated to delivering the highest performance, security, and customer service levels.

You can connect with Roland at roland@mojohost.com.

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