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Now At Your Fingertips: The Bator Blog Is Here

The Bator Blog(Phoenix, AZ) July 6, 2015 – Bators from around the world, rejoice! The creators of Bateworld.com, the world’s largest men’s online social network for male masturbation enthusiasts, have added to their portfolio with the recent launch of TheBatorBlog.com. Offering news, original editorials, notable interviews, masturbation product reviews, and all kinds of snippets from around the web aimed to entertain, inform and titillate, The Bator Blog is the newest counterpart added to the well established BateWorld.com and TheBateShop.com brand of websites.

Not just another blog, The Bator Blog aims to be THE daily stop to provide a nice break in the day for bators world wide, all on an attractive and easy to navigate interface for the wonderful price of a five-finger discount (free!). And you don’t even need to be a current member of BateWorld to enjoy it.

“Adding a blog to our network was really the most logical next step,” states BateWorld co-founder and Creative Director David Feign. “Given that we’ve built up our community over the years largely on camaraderie and support, adding another outlet that allows additional voices to be heard, builds on our theme as the number one destination for all things centered around male masturbation.”

“Our BateWorld members can already interact with one another as much or as little as they like currently through instant messaging, chat rooms, video, polls and other features whether focus is on individual or communal masturbation activities,” says Feign. “This is what we’re founded on. Now we’ve added the remaining additional elements that a blog affords, all served up with our brand of information, sexiness, and style.”

Next up, BateWorld, will initiate several upgrades to its network including responsive design to streamline the interface and work well on all mobile devices.

Navigate your way on over to The Bator Blog!

About BateWorld.com [Updated 09.02.2017]

Launched in 2009, and with over 70,000 members, BateWorld.com is the premier online masturbation community for gay, bisexual, and straight men from all over the world. The mission of BateWorld is to promote and encourage men’s masturbation as a fun, healthy and vital part of life. Members interact with one another through instant messaging, chat rooms, video, and other features which focus on both individual and communal masturbation activities. The website is primarily user-generated by members who post explicit photos, videos, forum threads, instant messages and other content, sharing their personal experiences, interests, and fantasies with one another. Please visit https://www.bateworld.com for more information.


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