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Pinxsters – Social Media, what’s it for?

Social Media, what’s it for? We use social sites everyday to stay in touch with
people we don’t see regularly. This includes posting images and videos and other
forms of communication to show our lives to the outside world. But what about those
who use it for their work?
Adult sex workers and adult business frequently complain about being shadow
banned and deleted from the likes of Instagram, Tiktok and Twitter.
Shadow banning is when social media users have their accounts muted and this
prevents any real engagement to users outside of their follow list.
Being deleted for unknown reasons is an unpleasant experience that has affected all
of us in the adult industry, whether it be an individual adult content creator, cam girl
or a multinational global adult business.
The other thing complained about is de-platforming, this is where an individual or
business entity are pushed off a social media site and find their logins disabled.
Last week, Instagram disabled the account of film-maker Suzanne Hillinger, only a
week after her documentary Money Shot premiered on Netflix.
In a statement to XBIZ Hillinger stated that she was familiar with Meta’s community
guidelines, terms of service. She stated she had not broken terms of service and had
paid tribute to her film “that gave agency and respect to sex workers without
exploiting them.”
Adult business and adult content creators have a lot of things to share with the world,
but there aren’t a lot of places where you can do that without being censored or
limited by restrictions as faced by Hillinger. That’s why PinXsters was created: to
give a safe space where business and individuals can share their work, engage with
their fans, and grow business without being held back by censorship or shame.
Sometimes it can feel like there’s nothing but negativity in the world but here at
PinXsters, we believe in positivity and support for everyone, whether they’re
producing adult content or selling toys or hosting parties.
Our aim is to bring together adult business, adult performers and end user customers
all together in the same space all at the same time and to escape vanilla social
networks, which by their behaviors do not respect our increasingly marginalized
Monetization of the platform will follow shortly.
Everyone is welcome to sign up Free and make use of this facility. 

Website: https://www.pinxsters.com/

Twitter: @Pinxsters


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