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Pure Taboo Hatches ‘The Breeding Pod’ All-New Future Darkly Episode

Promotional graphic for The Breeding Pod, a new Future Darkly episode.(Montreal, QC) April 20, 2019 – Adult Time goes deep into the future with Pure Taboo’s Future Darkly series in its latest episode, ‘The Breeding Pod’, now available at PureTaboo.com.

Written and directed by Bree Mills, ‘The Breeding Pod’ casts the lovely Maya Kendrick as an official ‘breeder’ in a post-apocalyptic insemination unit, with the assistance of conception facilitator Derrick Pierce and lab scientist Nina Hartley (in a non-sex role).

“This episode was heavily inspired by the legendary Sci-Fi author Douglas Adams, whose novels married dystopian futures with tongue-in-cheek humor,” said Mills. “I am a big fan of his work, and always wanted to bring an element of this dark humor into one of the Future Darkly episodes.

“A huge thanks to Maya and Derrick for spending all day and night in that strange bubble tent and helping make the vision in my head a reality!”

‘The Breeding Pod’ details not only the advanced concepts of human intimacy and relationships, but the stark reality of humanity in a world where civilization has eroded into a bleak hellscape where mass daily perpetuation of the species is key to its survival… or else.

“When Bree offered me this scene I almost thought it was some sort of elaborate prank, because it’s like it was written for me,” said Kendrick. “I’ve been reading breeding erotica for years and it’s one of my deepest fantasies.

“The idea of it being my job/requirement to breed daily is a dream… I love how our characters’ relationship parodies the relationships we have with our own co-workers. I will never forget being in the pod.”

Of working with Mills, Kendrick added, “Every time Bree directs me, I feel like she sands all my rough edges and sends me out a better performer. I’m so grateful for this opportunity and to be a part of Future Darkly.”

“Every time the team puts me on a new project I also hold my breath,” said Pierce. “I’m never sure what’s around the next corner… like literally, and this is no different! I can honestly say that almost every scene is a ‘first’ for me, and that’s saying a LOT! One of the best crews in the biz and I’m super happy to be a part of it.”

Season II of Future Darkly features 6 new episodes, airing between February and July 2019, starting with ‘The Aura Doll‘. The complete first season is now available to binge watch online at PureTaboo.com: ‘Artifamily‘, ‘The White Room‘, ‘Don’t Panic!‘, ‘Smart House of Horrors,’ ‘The Love Hotel‘, and ‘Eyes in the Sky‘.

Find the full episode and trailer at Pure Taboo and also within the dedicated Future Darkly channel on Adult Time. Visit Adulttime.com to access its full library of award-winning brands, including Pure Taboo, and 50,000+ scenes.

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