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The Adult Site Broker Team Launches “TheWaronPorn.com”

Contact: Bruce, the adult site broker

E-mail: bruce@ab2b.me

City, State – Pattaya, Thailand

The Adult Site Broker team recently launched a new website called, The War on Porn, which can be found at thewaronporn.com

The purpose of the new website is to highlight the numerous global attacks on our industry and online free expression by hate groups, the religious right, and politicians.

Bruce, the adult site broker, and CEO of Adult Site Broker, stated, “There was no good resource where people could learn about the anti-porn movement, what is happening in the courts, and how our adult family is fighting back in general.” He continued, “This ties everything together. It’s primarily for the industry, but I hope that people outside of adult will also see it and realize how unfortunate and unjust this entire situation is not only for adult, but for free speech worldwide.”

The website publishes articles from both industry-specific websites, such as avn.com, ynot.com, and xbiz.com, and mainstream publications from around the globe. It is intended to raise awareness of the plight of this industry in the war on porn. Bruce added, “The majority of the people in our industry are good people with big hearts. We belong to a family. I always say that. It is time that this message reaches the general public and the battle on porn is won not only by our actions but also by the general public.”

Follow them on Twitter @TheWarOnPorn

Go to thewaronporn.com and check out the new website.

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