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Tristan and Rutger of WeCamGirls are this Week’s Guests on Adult Site Broker Talk

Contact: Bruce
URL: https://adultsitebrokertalk.com
City, State – Pattaya, Thailand
Tristan and Rutger of WeCamGirls are this week’s guests on Adult Site Broker Talk.
Tristan is married and the father of two small kids. He works in the adult business and is
a lawyer by profession. He tried practicing law, but didn’t like it, so he and his buddy
Rutger founded a company. Football is one of his interests—”the real thing, as in the
one you play with your feet, not the egg ball junk from the US.” he explains. He also
likes watches, golf, Legos, and enjoying great food.
Rutger has two children and is married. He received his master’s degree in
In the late 1990s, he began creating his first websites. His interests include golf, nice
cuisine, basketball, shoes, and Legos.
They both reside close to Amsterdam in the same region of the Netherlands.
In 2012, they established a cam model community.
Even though the site is named WeCamGirls, there are also male models there.
A former web cam model friend of theirs once discussed her online experiences. She
mentioned two things when asked what she believed the most challenging aspects of
performing were. The first was that she didn’t enjoy not being able to speak to many
people about what she did for a career, and the second was that she became bored not
being able to do this.
WeCamGirls, a chat platform and forum where performers may debate various websites
and cutting-edge technology, was founded in March 2012. It has now developed into a
true community.
They’ve introduced several more features, including a review area and a commercial
profile page at camgirlcollective.com.
You may follow them on Twitter @WeCamGirls.

“Tristan and Rutger are longtime friends,” according to Bruce, the show’s host and CEO
of Adult Site Broker. “The performance community needs what they’ve done with
WeCamGirls. The interview was entertaining and instructive.”
You can listen to Tristan and Rutger on Adult Site Broker Talk starting today at

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