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Simple StepS                                                              sproduct. It’s easy to get ahead of yourself,
                                                                                     o you have an idea for a new service or

                                                                                  isn’t  it? Right  now,  you  could be  thinking  of
                                                                                  the recognition, sales, and success of your
        to enSure the                                                             product launch. However, not all business
                                                                                  initiatives see success in the end -- a product
                                                                                  launch takes careful planning and a whole lot
                                                                                  of time. If you rush without having your ducks
        SucceSS of a                                                              in a row, you’re essentially in line for some bad

                                                                                    Another thing worth pointing out is,
        Sex-inSpired                                                              startups that center on sex face several
                                                                                  challenges unlike any other niche. Mention
                                                                                  any  business  venture  with  the  word  ‘sex’  or
                                                                                  ‘adult’ in it and some faces will likely turn a
        Startup                                                                   deep shade of red. But this titillating word of
                                                                                  adult industry has a ton of business potential,
                                                                                  admit or not.

                                                                                    For  example, the  adult  entertainment
                                                                                  industry is one of the internet’s most profitable
                                                                                  markets, which is worth an estimated massive
                                                                                  $97  billion  dollars,  globally.  Meanwhile,  the
                                                                                  adult toys market has grown into a whopping
                                                                                  $15 billion industry and is expected to surpass
                                                                                  $50 billion by 2020.

                                                                                    So how do you go about preparing for your
                                                                                  launch? Below are some steps you should
                                                                                  take before the big day.


                                                                                    The creation of your product was just the
                                                                                  beginning. You should also know who your
                                                                                  target audience is and its care-abouts. Who or
                                                                                  what is your target audience? If your answer
                                                                                  is ‚Äúeveryone,‚Äù then you’re facing an uphill
                                                                                  battle. The key is to narrow your options down
                                                                                  by getting to know buyer personas.

                                                                                    Buyer personas will serve as your guide to
                                                                                  figure out your ideal customers. You get this
                                                                                  data in accordance with the online behavior
                                                                                  of the many customer demographics. Along
                                                                                  with your educated speculation, you should
                                                                                  be able to establish your target audience’s
                                                                                  concerns, motivations, and personal histories.

                                                                                    Once you establish these pesonas,
                                                                                  you can now easily design your marketing
                                                                                  strategies and customize them in a way that
                                                                                  your target market will find appealing. This will
                                                                                  make  a  significant  impact  on  your  potential

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