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to building your brand

        1.  Be ready for commitment – this starts at the   when it finally opened, people were waiting   from  your  summits  one,  differentiate
           -100 moment of creating your brand. Think   in massive lines to see what the club was   yourself from the tough business owner
           of what your brand means, what it says,   about. You can do the same thing: Even   and help others, smile, be humble.
           what you want people to take from it; make   before  starting  your  first  day  online,  build
           sure it’s in for the long way; Marry your   your social media strategy; before opening   7.  Design it your way! – Spending money when
           brand as there’s no option for divorce ever.   a cam studio, make sure you go to industry   you’ve just started or when you don’t have
           You see a lot of models that chose a weird   events, be liked, make people want to work   that much is a problem, I know. But if there’s
           nickname as “Blonde Clit” or something like   with you.                  something you shouldn’t be cheap at, it’s
           that  and  after  5  months,  they  decided  to                          design. I’m talking about your website,
           dye their hair and think about specializing in   5.  Be  everywhere. I  mean,  EVERYWHERE:   about your watermark, about logos and so
           Fetish- it doesn’t make any sense.   Instagram,  Twitter,  Facebook,  Reddit,  G+,   on. Nowadays you don’t even have to spend
                                               print photos of you and put them on cups   that much on a webpage, there are so many
        2.  This is not a drill! -  there’s no faking it. You   (please don’t do that). I think you got the   platforms that can take  care of your design
           can’t fake what you don’t know. Imagine you   idea. Be visual. In a society that’s always on   for you. All you need is a bunch of creativity
           lie about knowing how to swim and you’re   their phones and connected to everything,   and some patience. Take your time, it’s like
           just thrown in the ocean. With sharks. And   make sure you’re everywhere. Around 2000   applying makeup: if you hurry you’ll mess it
           stingrays. And the atomic bomb. You get   something, in Romania, the company Dialog   up and need to start again...and nobody got
           the point. You can’t fake what you don’t   rebranded itself as Orange and for a few   time for that.
           know and it’s not healthy to. Everyone will   months that felt like years for me, because I
           appreciate you asking for help, saying that   want to know everything, you could only see   8.  CONTENT! Branding is about content so
           you don’t know. They will be happy to see   commercials with a black background and   make as much as you can. There are a lot of
           you grow but they’ll be excited to see you   orange letters saying “ORANGE”; nothing   magazines in the industry that need content
                                                                                    to survive and when I’m saying that, I mean
           fall if you enter this world saying that you’re   else. It killed me and in the same time it   articles. Send out PR’s, ask for interviews,
           the  best,  but  you  have  no  idea  what  this   created such a buzz since everywhere   try to include your fans in it. You cannot
           industry is about.                  you looked, you saw the strategy. You can   expect anyone to know you or about you
                                               do  the  same,  having  your  name  out  there   solely from your Twitter status.
        3.  Have a plan. – When you’re going into this   before anyone knows what you do or where
           and you want to actually have a career, have   they can find you.      9.  Be consistent in your delivery! From the
           a  profitable  business,  you  need  to  have  a                         logo to the nickname, to the message that
           plan, a strategy around you or your product.   6.  Sit down, be  humble! –   Try not  to be   you want to send, keep it consistent. The
           Plan the PR, see into what magazines you   obnoxious  and  full  of  yourself.  Yes,  you   perception that your members are going
           can put it in, reach out to people. Strategize,   can do that even if you’re your own brand.   to get from your brand will also shape their
           strategize, strategize!             There’s a difference between you and your   perception about you. Don’t expect them
                                               alter ego. Think Beyonce and Sasha Fierce.   to be high quality if your logo is a 2 minute
        4.  Make some noise!!! One of the most   Beyonce is a mother, business woman,   Paint thing.
           expensive clubs in London had an amazing   good Christian and so on, humble and well
           strategy befire they even opened the doors:   spoken  –  Sasha  Fierce  appears  only  on   10. Don’t be a cunt! This is a rule for life. Be
           Every week night, they blasted the music   stage and kills it, no one can stay in front of   good and kind and focused on what you’re
           inside, turned on some lights and hired   her, she rolls her eyes and she’s just an ass.   doing, not on what others are doing. Build
           2 bodyguards to stay in front of the club   Sure, her shows are flawless, but can you   yourself up without trying to tear anyone
           and  not  let  anyone  in.  Yes,  you’ve  read  it   imagine being friends with a woman that   down.
           right: nobody got in; the  club was empty.   acts like the whole world revolves around
           This created such a fuss around the club   her? Would you trust her with your secrets/
           since  everyone  wanted  to  get  in,  wanted   money/ anything? Nope. That’s the same
           to see what it was about. And, of course,   way here; Differentiate your online persona

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