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haPPy new year!!                       Then there’s other types of new beginnings, such
                                                                                  as the need to review the legal status of your website
                                               Welcome to Payout Magazine and  wishing  you   with the new European Data Protection Regulations,
                                             and yours a happy and lucrative new year in life and   which, even if you’re not based there, can affect your
                                             business in every way!               site dealings from anywhere.

                                               So let’s get down to business and...  webcams!   Then  there’s  traffic  metrics  and  analysis, whose
                                             Nowadays, it seems the  whole industry is cams &   complexities and subtleties we’ve been covering lately
                                             cams and there wasn’t a time when cams weren’t King   in recent issues, but which are getting the return-to-
                                             (or Queen).                          essentials treatment here.
                                               But there was a time. “Live” webcams were just   Another thing that has basically seen an
                                             4 or 6 frame-per-second retention novelty to provide   explosion in the last year is cryptocurrency... and one
                                             members with something constantly “updated”, ahead   of the new things that has brought is the blockchain...
                                             of regular updates... or even upsells to members’ areas   what the heck is that? Well, get in on the ground level
                                             of “real” content.                   of understanding with our article on why it shouldn’t
                                                                                  be so hard to trust these once you understand them
                                               Then between high-speed streaming peaking
                                             and tubes draining the market, undownloadable and   better.
                                             unshareable video sex chat became suddenly highly   And  finally  another  little-considered  detail  of
                                             viable.                              getting  your sites online and easily accessed by
                                                                                  surfers is  the  whole importance of progressive or
                                               And one of the industry trade shows that helped
                                             bring camming to the fore was AWSummit.  baseline  compression  of  images,  whose  resolution
                                                                                  has become relevant all over again thanks to all the
                                               So let’s start the year off right with some serious   different devices that can be used to load pages.
                                             cam content in the form of my own photowork at the
                                                                                    And  that  ties  things  all  nicely:  resolution  also
                                             2018 AWSummit in Mamaio, Portugal, where I return   relates to New Year’s (see what I did there?) but also
                                             to the latest and greatest edition of that show and
                                             some of the best moments featuring  you, industry   a problem. Resolutions usually mean reducing the
                                             colleagues and gentle readers of Payout Magazine. If   “sinful” things we do in our day-to-day... but of course,
                                                                                  sinning is our bread-and-butter, so it’s hard to say
                                             you were there, you are probably on one of the pages   what we gotta cut back on.
                                             of this issue.
                                                                                    But as this is our first issue of the new year, we
                                               Also chiming in the new year and new beginnings
                                             (rebeginnings?) is original content from the chat hosts’   should at least resolve to do more in the coming
                                                                                  fifty-two weeks, right? So how about... let’s do more
                                             mouths themselves in our interviews with not one or   business, make more money, and  do so  without
                                             two but four different cam performers, including a   apology?
                                             conversation with an up and coming male model.
                                                                                    And how about making a resolution to pick me
                                               Keeping the back-to-basics theme, you’ll also find   out for pics at whatever show you’re reading these
                                             some fine writing in these pages that can cleanse the   words, so we can trade business cards and run you
                                             palate and get you back to work with a fresh or rather   the chance to win free advertising here and in our
                                             refreshed angle on the upcoming tasks of business.
                                                                                  digital edition?
                                               For example, brand-building is complex and
                                             involved, but  we cover the essentials in our  “10   Deal? Deal!
                                             Golden rules to build your brand” article, along with
                                             another about the steps needed to launch any (sexy)  Mikeb
                                             new business.              

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