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And speaking of taking things to the next level, our
                                                                            latest Payout Innerview introduces us to an “amateur”
                                                                            who has stepped things up from home-boudoir to
                                                                            studio and artful camming to... therapy? Find out more
                                                                            as you thumb through our interview of Miss Brunhilda!

                                                                                Now, we know the internet and web-marketing is
                                                                            always growing, and new stuff is always coming at us,
                                                                            which sometimes means it is temporary, more miss
                                                                            than hit, experimental and proves to be a... learning
                                                                            experience. But not everthing new is that way, so it’s
                                                                            good to try to figure things out ahead of time. Here
                                                                            we review whether Accelerated Mobile Pages, aka AMP,
                                                                            are good for you, your business and Google Rankings.
                                                                            Or not.

                  Welcome to Payout Magazine and the next stage                 If the test of real intelligence for the smartest
                          in our curriculum of tradeshowstops for the       person in the room is that they don’t think they’re the
                  adult industry and me, your humble photographer.          smartest person in the room, what will dealing with
                                                                            this old-is-new “thing” known as artifical intelligence
                      Someone once said the only bad or dumb question       mean? Who or what wrote our article about this topic?
                  is the unasked question; another that you can never       How would you know?
                  think you have nothing new to learn.
                                                                                Starting in this issue, our curriculum will introduce
                      Life is a university, and this ever-growing always-   a new “course” on BYOD and the power and pitfalls of
                  developing industry that is adult is the ultimate         “Bring Your Own Device”, applying the policy to your
                  learning environment for all things web marketing and     company and/or group of workers - remote or all in one
                  internet technology.                                      location - and introducing what’s the worst that could
                                                                            happen (disaster can be so much more entertaining)?
                      Keeping this in mind, in this issue I present you my
                  pics from the second edition of the Jasmin Academy,           Two relatively new internet technologies are
                  held last fall in Budapest and truly an eye-opening       cryptocurrency and widgets, and so pursuing our
                  experience for many. If you were there, you know what I   current ongoing string of crypto-pieces, we look into
                  mean - AND you could be in some of these pics!            the best widgets for webmasters.

                      Jasmin Academy is actually a place where the              We also have some not-so-new but always good-
                  models and content of the future are created, trained,    to-refresh knowledge coverage with an article on how
                  educated - and with what the “real world” can teach you   to secure your wordPress blog, as well as a review on
                  anyway, but only eventually! It speeds up real-world      the importance of price points - and how they give
                  experience and can help make creators more creative.      potential clients a well-defined line where they can
                                                                            make their minds up - to buy or deny themselves you
                      It also goes to show how porn is of the people, by    and your deal. At which point you can offer them even
                  the people and for the people - and always was.           more options.

                      I like to think of Payout Magazine as your tradeshow      Finally, I wanted to highlight a piece which is
                  textbook, and our articles and written content here are   NOT marketing or technology or business exactly -
                  witness to that.                                          but about what’s behind the science and theory and
                                                                            art and makeup and photography - and that’s the
                      More than ever, “amateurs” are the golden eggs        human source of it all. In this case, a camgirl and her
                  of content and while many of us aspire to slick,          confessions and what makes her do what she does and
                  professional-looking everything in business, some sites   good at it too!
                  are more about the “reality” and edginess of home-
                  based porn, and the proliferation of user-as-producer         So sit down, back straight, take that gum outta your
                  sites is a case in point. In these pages we learn what    mouth (unless that’s your fetish) and listen up as those
                  the top three of these self-made clip sites are.          who teach do what they do best and educate us and we
                                                                            do what we do best and learn in the pages of Payout!



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