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The Power of       Men (and women) love to watch adult
Price Points               movies, but let’s face it, most of them
                   will not pay the premium price if there are
 8 PayOutMagazine  some available choices for free. However, if
                   you have great content and you have a pricing
                   strategy, these customers will be willing to
                   purchase a membership by paying a fee.
                   Without question, you need to provide the
                   audience with videos they will want to watch.
                   At the same time, you should also be smart in
                   pricing to motivate more people to subscribe
                   to exclusive content.

                        Determining how and what to charge the
                   avid viewers has always been a complicated
                   aspect, especially when running an adult
                   website. Price wars are evident among adult
                   websites. If you’re wise enough to understand
                   how to use the prices to position yourself
                   against competitors, you will see how
                   beneficial it can be for your site. 

                        The good news is that there is no need
                   for you to reduce your prices in an effort to
                   win more viewers and subscribers. It is mostly
                   about improving how viewers perceive your
                   website, products, and other offers, which can
                   all help you earn their loyalty while you build
                   more traffic. 

                   Price Point Essentials 

                        Pricing adult videos can get challenging,
                   especially since there are already millions of
                   videos out there. The retail price of a video
                   or a membership, when chosen correctly,
                   will allow you to keep these products in high
                   demand. While you can present lower prices
                   than your competition, there is no sense in
                   doing so when your customers are willing to
                   pay so much more. 

                        With the right price point, the members
                   will see your adult offerings as reasonable
                   and worth buying. Calibrating the prices takes
                   time and effort as well because you have to
                   be ready to keep testing back and forth for
                   making adjustments. Competition is fierce in
                   the adult video sector, which is why you have
                   to offer a competitive price that will benefit
                   both you and the customers. 
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