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Adamo Launches Powerful New API To Its Popular Global Ad Network

Adamo Adds New API to Global Ad Network(EUROPE) April 18, 2015 – In just a few years since its launch, ADAMO has become a wildly popular ad network, currently serving half a billion ads around the world every day. Now the company is pleased to announce that its evolution continues with the launch of its own API, a powerful new tool that will let customers automatically pull their ADAMO account statistics directly into their own software environment.

“As online marketing grows more competitive and sophisticated, our customers are looking for tools that will help them sort through all the noise so they can focus in on the numbers that really matter,” says Judy Shalom, CEO and Founder of ADAMO. “Through our new API, our customers can now import their stats directly into their own accounting software, their CRM, their analytics software or any other software environment that they control.”

Use of APIs has grown increasingly common in recent years as companies look for methods to increase efficiency and centralize information. ADAMO’s new API promotes interoperability between its own core and the various interfaces that customers use to track and analyze their data. This lets customers operate in an environment that’s wholly familiar without needing to log into third party interfaces to pull data.

The new API is also of special interest to ad agencies and resellers, giving them an efficient means of monitoring all of their clients in one place.

“We spend a lot of time thinking not just about the individual pieces that make up an ad network, but also about how those pieces can fit together to give our customers the best possible experience,” says Shalom. “Our company’s culture is very customer-centric; we never stop thinking of new ways to arrange or augment the individual components of our ad network into just the right combination for our publishers and advertisers.”

Information on how to use the new API and how to set it up is located inside of the ADAMO user interface. Customers can simply log in to their account and download the documentation.

For more information about buying or selling traffic through ADAMO’s innovative ad network, please visit AdamoAds.com. New customers can sign up for a free ADAMO account in just minutes, and ADAMO’s sales and support team is always available to assist with any questions.


Based in Europe, ADAMO was founded in 2013 by current CEO Judy Shalom and in just several months was ranked by adswikia.com as one of the top 10 ad networks in the world. The ADAMO platform uses a real-time bidding system to power half a billion ads daily, serving ads both on the traditional web and mobile Internet. ADAMO is popular both with traffic buyers and sellers, and offers a variety of innovative tools to help both groups achieve maximum ROI from the network.


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