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Brett Rossi Is a School Counselor in New Girlsway Series

Picture of Alexis Fawx and Brett Rossi in Fantasy Factory.(Hollywood, CA) March 18, 2017 – Brett Rossi stars as school counselor Ms. Maverick, with Kenna James and Alexis Fawx, in the first scene from Girlsway’s new original mini-series, Fantasy Factory.

In Fantasy Factory 1: Parent Teacher Orientation, teen James is in Ms. Maverick’s office with her stepmother, Fawx. The three women are discussing why James is skipping school and Ms. Maverick wants to get to the bottom of it. Being a very perceptive school counselor, Maverick realizes that James is having a hard time coming out as a lesbian to her step-mom.

In the drama of it all, it comes to light that Fawx and Ms. Maverick are having a relationship. When Fawx says, “Let’s show Ms. Maverick what a good little girl you can be for Mommy,” to James, Rossi stops the scene because this is her fantasy, ruined with all the mommy talk. Fantasy Factory technician Serena Blair saves the day with a plot twist of Fawx and James being androids, not humans. Rossi’s fantasy is reactivated and she’s so turned on by the lesbots it leads to hot and steamy sex. In the end, the viewer will wonder what Rossi’s next order at the Fantasy Factory will be – they will have to stay tuned.

“I love that Girlsway has created a series just for me and my fantasies,” says Rossi. “The first scene with Kenna and Alexis was amazing, and I can’t wait to see what Scene 2 has in store for me. I can tell the fans are loving it since it’s been up just a few days and has a 95% approval rating.”

Watch the trailer and scene at https://www.girlsway.com/en/video//Fantasy-Factory-1-Parent-Teacher-Orientation-Scene-01/122650.

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