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“Stolen” Pornstars Die in VR!

Tragedy unfolds in front of your eyes, as you are immersed in a VR experience

Movie-Poster style graphic featuring the sexy stars of the virtual reality movie along with a welder-masked central killer figure.(Los Angeles, CA) October 17, 2018 – Even though virtual reality porn movies were supposed to desist the stagnation of adult entertainment, as regular 2D porno has had nothing new to offer for some time now, they too have eventually become dull and repeatable. VR porn producers keep on coming up with new ideas and they are constantly adding some innovations like higher resolutions, support for even more DoF (degrees of freedom) or handling, ever-newer VR headsets with their materials, but it still feels like every adult fantasy has been already produced and people are getting fed up with porn.

VR Bangers, one of the premium virtual reality porn movie makers, known for their innovative approach to the industry, have decided to change that once and for all by introducing an entirely new concept to the adult business, making it more interactive than ever before.

In their newest 2018 Halloween Special, Stolen, the producers have created a full and complementary experience in the spooky, Halloween theme, adding it to their website as a “treat” for both newcomers and veteran members within the regular price of their subscription. The whole production was shot with use of the famous Head Rig that Virtual Reality Bangers are known for, which allowed the maximum immersion for the actor being filmed and his sexy co-stars, causing utmost genuine reactions from the interactions with the camera.

“There will be a lot going on around Halloween on VRBangers.com, and that is for sure,” says Igor Zhivago, the Marketing Director at VR Bangers. “Every single one of our members is welcome to experience the spooky VR porn fantasy that we have prepared – the story made in parts that will be available on our special website. We have never gotten more interactive before, as in the newest experience of ours the story will all depend on the votes of our users, and will unfold differently depending on their choices. Shortly speaking: this is the most elaborate VR porn initiative ever done in real time, and we are all really proud of it.”

The newest VR Bangers’ experience is a psychological mystery in which the users of the website will be allowed to vote for the character played by their favorite pornstar – and in effect letting her stay alive in this manic game. The fates of Lauren Phillips, Chloe Cherry, Whitney Wright and Demi Sutra will be in the hands of the members of the Virtual Reality Bangers’ family – and not only that, as they will have to simultaneously vote on which of the girls is a villain in this intellectual clash. The whole script is a modern day interpretation of a timeless English thriller classic that inspired worldwide enigmatic dinner initiatives, written by a well-known Hollywood script writer, who remains anonymous due to the adult nature of the production.

“No one has ever done that before, and that is exactly why we had to do that first,” adds Daniel Abramovich, the CEO of VR Bangers. “VR companies do not shoot the full-length films – and if they do, it is a torture to watch, so we have decided to change that once and for all.

“And how did we do that? Well, it has been two months to produce this newest VR porn movie of ours with a stunning budget of $166,000. Even with help of our Head Rig, it still took a lot of effort, yet we are really happy with the outcome. And if you think that we could have done better, just think about the Oculus – for the comparison, the company needed $2.3 million to make their first feature VR movie, and it has only been 40 minutes long!”

To sweeten the deal even further, Virtual Reality Bangers have also prepared a special promo going on around the date of Halloween, to encourage new fans to join their ever-growing family and make it easier for the existing ones to extend their membership for less money. More details on the promotion will be revealed on the producers’ website by the end of October – rumors say, though, that the VRB’s prices are going to be “diabolic” this year, going as low as $6.66 in some cases!

“We have always wanted to create something as immersive and interactive like this, and Halloween seemed to be a great occasion for that,” explains Alex Nash, the Producer of VR Bangers. “The entire special story will be available worldwide and its’ grand finale will happen right on the Halloween day. Until that date, we encourage every user of the VR Bangers’ network to vote for his favorite and most suspicious of our sexy performers – the flow of the story can be changed by our members entirely, so we want them all to enjoy this newest feature of ours for whole two weeks of the event’s period.”

To take part in this interactive VR porn game, make sure to visit the special website of the event available over here, and to learn more about Virtual Reality Bangers as a whole, do not forget to take a look at their main page (or one of their subpages available for Transsexual and Gay audiences).

Webmasters can profit from the VR fear feature by joining their affiliate program, VBRCash.com.


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