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Online Dating

                                             Leader imaXcash

                                             Introduces the

                                             Best CPA Payouts

                                             on the Market

                                                Don’t forget that imaXcash is now offering the highest online dating
                                               CPA payouts on the market in the following countries - Switzerland,
                                                  Italy, Spain, France, Portugal • sign up at!

                                             (Schindellegi, Switzerland) May 10, 2020   CPL available on demand as well. Promote a
                                                  aXcash, an online dating market   new best seller and cash in!
                                             IMleader in Central Europe and DACH,
                                             announced a massive increase in the CPA   The company promises more offers in
                                             rates for its in-house built dating offers in   further attractive markets will be released
                                             Switzerland, Italy, Spain, France and Portugal.  continuously. For those who prefer earning a
                                                                                  long-term, recurring income, imaXcash offers
                                               The move is aimed at affiliates that favor   the Company’s trademark, market exclusive
                                             high payouts with a fast turnover, especially   70 % Rev-share. The CPL payout model is
                                             those looking to reinvest earnings into more   also available, upon approval. The advanced
                                             online promotion. All the in-house dating offers   promo tools include for example profile
                                             with the brand new, increased CPA payouts,   deeplinking, custom banner and profile arrays
                                             do justice to the Company’s proven track   generator, RSS feeds, or a white-label option.
                                             record of delivering top ROI to its affiliates.
                                                                                    “Offering the most competitive CPA rates
                                                                                  is a logical move that answers a growing
                                               Special offer for networks - imaXcash has
                                                                                  demand for high performing dating offers with
                                             boosted its CPL Payouts. Take advantage of
                                             the highest CPL payouts on the market for   fixed and prompt payouts” says Ed Vidales,
                                                                                  sales manager for imaXcash. “If anybody
                                             Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Spain and   favors CPA, he can’t afford to overlook
                                               The new, major CPA Payouts are available   For more information please visit or sign
                                             in the following markets:            up at or contact Ed at
                                             �  Switzerland - $ 114
                                             �  Italy - $ 85
                                             �  Spain - $ 82
                                             �  France - $ 71                     ABOUT INTERMAXGROUP
                                             �  Portugal - $ 57                   InterMaxGroup AG, with a history dating back
                                                                                  to 1996, is a Swiss company that operates two
                                                                                  affiliate programs with in-house built, market
                                               Want to make more with your Swiss traffic?   leading dating offers - imaXcash and Online
                                             imaXcash has the answer - take advantage of   Dating Kings, a premium affiliate network
                                             the highest online dating CPA payout on the   DAO of LEADS, and a boutique email list
                                             market - $ 114! Or go with a 70 % rev-share.   management service MailValueProfits.

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