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fork is a divergence from the previous
        A version of software or blockchain. Soft
        forks are backward-compatible, meaning they
        don’t break older software versions. As long
        as you downloaded and installed the latest
        version, all your transactions will be valid on
        both new and old blockchains.                     CRYPTOCURRENCY FORKS:
                                                     What are
        What are Soft Forks

           Soft forks allow decentralized networks
        like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other blockchain
        platforms to make changes that are not
        so dramatic or drastic as a hard fork. Soft
        forks do not require any consensus from   Soft Forks
        the network, meaning that the network can
        only accept them if a majority of users signal
        they’re comfortable with the change. Soft
        forks are backward-compatible with old
        software, so theoretically, they can’t break the
        network. They can only make minor changes
        that are moderate.

           The most famous soft fork was the
        introduction of SegWit on the Bitcoin network.
        This soft fork did not break the network or
        cause any issues. It just added an extra layer
        of security to transactions created before it
        was available. That’s why you can still send
        mined transactions, but you will need to use
        SegWit for all new transactions. Despite this,
        it caused a lot of drama regarding how bitcoin
        users would react to this process or ensure it
        would be quickly adopted and integrated into
        their software. It was when blocks that did not
        receive a majority of miners signaled support
        for SegWit would be rejected by the network.
        At this time, it is estimated that at least 80%
        of miners in the network have upgraded
        their software to support SegWit. Suppose
        that amount has yet to be adopted. In that
        case, all transactions made after August 1st
        are considered invalid and must be re-sent
        with complete transaction data, i.e., you will
        need to spend more gas on sending an entire

        How Do Soft Forks Work
           When most of the network has agreed
        upon a soft fork, it becomes part of the new
        rules for that blockchain. The old rules are
        still valid but no longer enforced or used. It

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