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Bucharest Summit: The Top Festival Of The Industry

The Bucharest Summit - New Tradeshow 2017!(Bucharest, Romania) October 26, 2016 – Event manager Evelina Cirlan has announced, “The year 2017 will be marked by the utterly exquisite event organized by our team of professionals entitled Bucharest Summit, which will take place starting on the 30th of May 2017 through the 2nd of June 2017, at the luxurious centrally-located hotel Radisson Blu.”

The event will gather many distinguished guests, from website owners, to studio owners, models, affiliates, mobile companies, billing companies and other companies related to the adult industry, “who will host an array of activities designed to harness powerful group dynamics in support of creative and energetic people with exciting visions.”

The event, or “festival” as organizers call it, aims to offer an opportunity for attendees to share with and learn from one another, reaffirm their entrepreneurial commitment, and review key ingredients in their plans for the launch of a new technology-based business.

Bucharest Summit is naturally taking place in Bucharest; the Romanian capital is an industry hot-spot, priding itself with top business, talented models and innovative know-how.

The richest people in the world look for and build networks. Everyone else just looks for work. – Robert Kiyosaki

Competition makes us faster. Collaboration makes us better! – Firefly (?)

Awards are one of the most powerful and cost-effective marketing tools and this is the very reason we are organizing a gala where winning a prestigious award can help your business stand out from the crowd, send a positive message to your existing customers and attract new business.

Of all the wonderful things that Bucharest SUMMIT has to offer, parties are not the least of them. There is something for everyone at this event, and we mean EVERYONE. Sophisticated parties and rave events hosted by the trendiest clubs are guaranteed to leave you bleary-eyed the next morning and wanting more.

According to Cirlan, who bridged communications between important business figures both abroad and on the Romanian territories, great interest has been manifested in participation and development of the event.

“As a result, we would like to express our gratitude towards all the websites, studios, both from Bucharest but also from all around Romania who embraced and supported our initiative in this respect,” says Cirlan.

“And last but not least to all the tough, sounding players on the market.

For more information visit BucharestSummit.com or contact evelina@bucharestsummit.com.

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