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BIG CHANGES at payout magazine are on the way!

                                             Payout & ShootX has joined forces to deliver you the best exposure
                                             packages for your company.

                                                 LL NEW WEBSITE!  Banners are selling fast starting at 125 euros per month.
                                             ACheck out our event calendar which lists all upcoming events.  We even have a
                                             booking agent working for us to find you the best flight at the push of a button.  If your
                                             show is not listed, please let us know.  Special prices on 1/3 and full page ads in the
                                             magazine -- starting at 125 euros.
                                                 Speaking of the magazine, the ALL NEW issue is currently online -- highlighting
                                             TES Spain and Gaelic Conference.  We have some great articles that are a must read.
                                             Payout will be at XBIZ LA and InterNEXT Expo in Las Vegas.  We now have sponsorship
                                             packages available with your logo on pics and placed on over 15 media outlets during
                                             the show, plus you get a FREE Full Page ad in the magazine plus your logo on all pic
                                             pages in the magazine.  Packages start at US$1,500.  We also have Video packages
                                             starting at US$2,500, and you get your logo on the video and a full page ad In the
                                             magazine.  Video is placed on the website and distributed on 15 media outlets.

                                             We are here to Expose your company!

                                             Contact us with any questions or to reserve a package!

                                             See you at the shows!


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