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White hat SEO techniques can take six   see your entire website dropped off of search
                                             weeks just to start producing a statistically   engine results entirely and permanently.
                                             significant uptick in your rankings and traffic
                                             reports. They can also take up to six months   The Differences Between Them
                                             before their full impact is felt in terms of
                                             moving up the SERPs and enjoying more   In terms of the differences between white
                                             traffic to your website.             hat versus black hat SEO, there are quite a
                                                                                  few contrasts on technical levels. However, it
                                               These sorts of techniques are not things
                                                                                  really just boils down to three things:
                                             that the online community will report you for.
                                                                                  1.  How Long the Impact Lasts: Black hat
                                             Black Hat SEO                          SEO might spike your numbers sooner
                                                                                    rather than later, but for how long? White
                                               Black hat SEO is considered the dark side
                                             of search engine optimization. The whole   hat SEO techniques have endurance
                                             idea of the terms white hat and black hat   and staying power like no other. If you’re
                                             actually stemmed from traditional movies   wanting long-term success, then white hat
                                             in the Western genre. The good guys, or   is the clear winner among the two options.
                                             protagonists, often wore white hats, whereas
                                             the antagonists or bad guys would wear black   2.  Whether or Not You Care About User
                                             hats.                                  Experience: Are you looking for more
                                                                                    traffic to inflate your own numbers? Or are
                                               In general, anything that violates the terms   you actually looking to serve your users
                                             of service of a specific search engine would
                                                                                    well? Black hat SEO never results in a
                                             be considered a black hat SEO technique.
                                                                                    positive UX, and that’s something Google is
                                             However, that can range from something
                                                                                    paying more attention to than ever before.
                                             accidental to more serious things like people
                                             spreading viruses or trying to hack computers.
                                                                                  3.  Whether Users Will Care About You: Both
                                                                                    forms of SEO can get you more traffic.
                                               Specific black hat SEO techniques are
                                                                                    Black hat SEO gains might be faster and
                                             vast, but certain examples include:
                                                                                    easier, while white hat takes more effort
                                             �  Stuffing excessive amounts of keywords   and more time to show up. However, it’s
                                               into content                         white hat SEO that might mean more
                                                                                    conversions, because it’s white hat SEO
                                             �  Using automated content to appear timely
                                                                                    that brings you traffic interested in what
                                             �  Publishing AI or machine-generated
                                                                                    you have to offer.
                                             �  Running massive blog networks     Which Is Better?

                                             �  Link spamming to artificially inflate your   If you’re looking to operate your website
                                               website rankings
                                                                                  and profit from it for a long time, then white
                                                                                  hat SEO is the definitive winner. The results
                                               Black hat SEO techniques can sometimes
                                                                                  you get from white hat techniques build up
                                             produce very quick results in terms of getting
                                                                                  gradually over time and are very sustainable in
                                             you moved up the SERPs and seeing more
                                             traffic coming to your website. However, such   their effectiveness. On the other hand, black
                                             gains are often short-lived, especially if users   hat SEO can be caught and result in penalties
                                             or competitors report your website and trigger   at any point in time. That can disrupt or even
                                             an investigation, penalties, and ban. You might   destroy your business model entirely.

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